Mandel, Sweet Mandel

We here are often harsh on writers in the MSM, who often write without doing any research and never ask tough questions. Stewart Mandel is not always right, but he is often far more knowledgeable about the game than a lot of other writers. This week, in his Mailbag, he has a couple of gems.

How the heck can college football increase the number of games in a season, keep the same bowl eligibility requirements (six wins), and the Pac-10 still not manage to produce enough teams to fill its bowls?
--Jeff G., Ellicott City, Md.

Two words, my friend: Karl Dorrell.

It was great meeting you last week at your book signing for Fiesta Bowl volunteers. However, I must admit some disappointment. I was shocked to see Arizona State on the short end of your "Upset Special" pick last week. Never mind that UCLA was coming off two straight losses, but just two days earlier you were on Arizona soil! Being so close to Tempe, did you truly not hear the heartbeat of a team that knows not the meaning of the word "quit?" [...]
--Ari Spiro, Phoenix


But yeah, I did bomb on that Upset Special. I was convinced that the aforementioned Dorrell was going to pull off one last out-of-nowhere upset before he leaves town. (And of course, he still could, so beware, Oregon and USC.)
A few things here:

- Aside from earning a paycheck that he does not deserve, Toast is now directly costing UCLA AND the Pac-10 revenue that would otherwise come from going to a bowl game.

- So, so, so very sad that UCLA is now relegated to pulling an "out-of-nowhere" upset when it comes to potentially beating Arizona State. How low we have sunk my friends.

- "before he leaves town"...I hope it is as foregone a conclusion as Mandel makes it out to be.

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