Howland's Comments on Recruits

From the official UCLA site, here are Coach Howland's comments on our newest Bruins!

"We got all four Letters of Intent back, they are all official now, and needless to say, I'm a happy guy," Howland said. "You got a happy coach today in Westwood because I feel like we have a great recruiting class. Not only in terms of their abilities ¬- because you have four of the best players in the country - but also all of them are great kids from great families. I'm excited about the class and all four of these kids and I'm looking forward to their arrival next fall."

"Jrue Holiday is really talented and he's as athletic as anyone that I have recruited since I've been at UCLA and as good an athlete as anyone in the country," Howland said. "He's very strong, a quick jumper and is an outstanding ball handler. What I love about Jrue is that he has multi-position capabilities. He can guard a one, two or three and can handle the ball and run the point or can play at shooting guard. He's a nightmare matchup for people. He's a very good defender and is unbelievably competitive."

"Drew Gordon is an outstanding athlete, a big-time athlete," Howland said. "He has great physical abilities and is a great rebounder. He is one of the best rebounders that I have recruited. He has a lot of potential and a huge up-side. He has a good low-post scoring ability and he'll have the opportunity to compete for a lot of playing time as a freshman."

"Jerime Anderson is an outstanding true point guard that is very athletic and an outstanding defender," Howland said. "He showed huge improvement in his game this summer and in my opinion, is one of the best guards in the country. He's got a great mentality and is very outgoing with natural leadership qualities, so I'm very please about Jerime joining our basketball family."

"Rounding out the class is Malcolm Lee, who is another multi-talented athlete who is very skilled," Howland said. "He can play point or at the off-guard because he's a very good shooter. I have already threatened him that I'm going to pull him out of the game if he doesn't shoot more once he gets to UCLA because he's such a good shooter. Sometimes I think he passes up shots because he's so unselfish. Malcolm can be a lock-down defender because he has very quick feet."

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