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Football Roundup: Good News & Challenges For The New Coach

The next football coach of UCLA got some great news yesterday as Brigham Harwell and Marcus Everett, two players who could emerge as key contributors in next year’s post Dorrell rebuilding project, announced their intent to redshirt and return for one more season:

UCLA defensive tackle Brigham Harwell and wide receiver Marcus Everett, both seniors, will redshirt this season because of injuries, Coach Karl Dorrell said Tuesday.

Harwell, who has not played since the second game of the season because of a knee injury, was trying to get back this season, but he suffered a strained shoulder during practice last week.

Everett suffered a high ankle sprain against Utah in the third game and played a few plays against Notre Dame. Everett will undergo surgery on the ankle in December.

"He has a pre-existing calcium deposit and bone spurs and some other things that developed from this last ankle sprain," Dorrell said.

Dorrell would not comment on how the return of Harwell and Everett would affect recruiting and the number of scholarships he has to offer.
CTS probably couldn’t comment because at this point he can probably see the writing on the wall. He did say that OR is going to start the Oregon game and he will be backed up by the Law Firm, and may by just may be Olson could be available as an emergency backup. More from CTS:
"Given where we are at this point, we're going to use Mac and Ben," Dorrell said. "Ben had some practice time today. We'd like to continue to bring him a long in the next couple weeks to get him to add to our depth next week."
BTW he didn’t rule out using Forcier saying it all depends on injuries. I guess his offensive line schemes leading to pass protection that cannot "block a soul" is such a farce now, you just don’t know when our QBs will go down.

Also one more interesting note from yesterday courtesy of Davis:
The Bruins discarded their motivational wristbands -- Pac-10 championship; finish -- more than a week ago after the Arizona loss.

"Maybe there was a little pressure with that," defensive end Bruce Davis said. "Stuff like that can be overwhelming at times."
Gosh Bruce. Pressure to win the Pac-10 is "overwhelming"? Do you want us to look up your quotes before the season (or even following the meaningless Cal win) when you were talking about not the Pac-10 championship, but playing in the BCS championship game?

Speaking of Bruce, in case you guys haven’t done it yet, please make sure to check out this must read from on ‘the culture of blame’ around Dorrell’s pathetic program. DD rightfully aims at the whining of Davis about the late hit penalty in the ASU game and Brandon Breazell’s selling out his team-mate – Chris Meadows – for dropping a catch. DD:
In a program of character and integrity a player especially of Breazell's caliber would never think to make that comment. It shows that there is lack of discipline, of teamwork, of ownership, and of integrity in the program. And it all starts at the top with Dorrell. Bruce Davis, our best player, has gotten out of control lately with his mouth and it doesn't appear that Dorrell even cares to teach him something about humility. Davis has learned how to point the finger of blame from Dorrell, however, as he comments on his critical late hit penalty at the end of the first half.
I will say it again, I just don’t buy this notion of CTS "cleaning" up our football program. The way I see it this program is just as unhealthy as it was during later stages of the Toledo era. It’s a program that is rotten from the top and is now the symptoms are becoming evident as the culture of blame is manifesting through every facets of a "broken" team.

Make no mistake, the next coach will inherit a good amount of talent (like Harwell and Everett and the recruits who will stay with UCLA if it makes a good hire), but it will have a lot of cleaning up to do, given a rotten ‘culture of blame’ CTS set up in Westwood.