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Two & Oh!

Seems like Bruce Davis is intent on leaving UCLA with a legacy of being the poster child of the Doofus’ joke football program. Good ole Bruce is talking again:

[A]fter ruining USC's chances of playing in the national title game last season, the Bruins have a similar plan for the Ducks.

"I want Oregon to win. I want to see Oregon win," UCLA defensive end Bruce Davis said. "I don't want to it to be, `Oh, Oregon hits a bump and then a rested UCLA' No, no, no. I don't want to hear any of that.

"I want them to go (to Arizona) and dominate like they have been pretty much this whole year. I want to go out there (next week), and I want to get their best shot."

Davis, who is second in the Pacific-10 Conference with 9.5sacks, said he looks forward to facing a Ducks offense led by the league's most efficient quarterback in Dennis Dixon (20 TDs, 3 INTs), and its top rusher in 230-pound tailback Jonathan Stewart, who is averaging 126.9 yards per game.

"No. 2 team in the country with a guy I think should win the Heisman in Dennis Dixon, Jonathan Stewart ... so they have a lot of good stuff going for them," Davis said. "If things keep going their way, they could be on their way to the national championship. We definitely want to spoil all that. We want to put a sour taste in their mouth. It's that type of game."
So from BCS Championship talk to Pac-10 Championship talk to BCS Championship talk to Pac-10 Championship talk to now "spoiler" talk. I wonder if the Doofus is gathering some more neat bracelets with, "Two and Oh! Spoiler" written on them. But then again we "stuff like that can be overwhelming." Ya know?

From my pov right, I could give a rats’ behind whether we win these games. Because even if win these games in a total desperation, emotional state of mind (I guess "spoiler" is a word for it), it will amount to nothing. And it will not mitigate the fact that this program under the Doofus and his players like Bruce Davis (who sound just as clueless as him off the field totally tarnishing their individual on field accomplishments) has been a total disaster.

A lame retarded "two and oh" shtick is not going to fly this season.

Anyway, for general team notes check out the reports from the LA Times and the OC Register. They are filled with BS like this about how the Doofus and his staff are tweaking the offense for OR:
The Bruins are expanding their options with quarterback Osaar Rasshan, who completed 14 of 27 passes for 181 yards against Arizona State in his first career start.

"He's feeling more comfortable in our offense," Dorrell said. "After having a game on tape and getting a feel for what he knows and what he's comfortable with, now that he's played, we're going to tailor things for him that he feels comfortable doing. He likes being out on the move and doing certain things, there's no question about that. But he's done a nice job with some of the pocket throws that he did in the course of that game, too.

"We're bringing him along. We're going to build his package up, little by little."
Uh yeah, it took the moron this long for realizing what OR could do.

Obviously we can’t have this loser back at UCLA next year. It will be unbearable. And it will make the atmosphere around UCLA football even more toxic. And despite all the rumor campaign you hear from his shills and lackies who have been making excuses for him all these years, about how he just might be able to save himself by pulling out upset wins, I am not really buying any of it, because no one knows what is going through DG is mind.

What I do know is DG can feel the pressure all around him. It has building. And we can’t be relenting on our end. And just in time the good guys over at have stepped up again. The Dump Dorrell ads in the Daily Bruin have been placed. Folks over have placed 5 ads in the Daily Bruin (with money they raised from the billboard campaign) that should be running over next couple of weeks. Here is text of the ad:

"UCLA is officially the worst-coached (football) team in America."

Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel
Open letter to Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Gene Block:

It is time to end our football program's commitment to mediocrity. Over the last 2 decades UCLA football fans have had very few seasons to be proud of. Karl Dorrell's tenure epitomizes mediocrity with a 56.7 winning percentage in his 5 years, 6th best overall record in the Pac-10, 4th best conference record in the Pac-10 - peaking at 3rd place only once, and on and on.

Bruin fans and football experts everywhere are asking: How committed is UCLA to succeeding in college football?

Our national reputation is sullied and attendance and revenues will most certainly decline next year and beyond. Our own experience at UCLA provides solutions. Our successes in football and basketball show us that hiring inexperienced coaches most often fails us, while hiring tested and proven leaders is the key to our success.

We urge you to make the right choice for our football program and athletic department: Replace Karl Dorrell with a proven, winning, experienced head coach.

Paid for by UCLA students, alums, donors, boosters, fans, and
And I might ad that message will remain the same even if we go "Two and Oh!" in our remaining meaningless games of this regular season.

If you are on campus, and spot the ad, please email them to us or of course to DD. We will be delighted the run the screenshots of the ad to amplify the message through BN.