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I want to end the weekend with couple of notes on Kevin Love. First, take a look at this. Is it just me but I don't think I haven't seen another Bruin with better handles than Love in my 18 something years of day to day following of UCLA hoops.

After the nightmares ranging from Rodney Zimmerman to Mike Fey, I had to pinch myself earlier this week when I was watching this:

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Again it is too early to come to any conclusions about what kind of contributions Love will end up making this season, but the early signs are more than encourage. Click on "read more" to see few more pics of the big fella courtesy of Jack Rosenfeld.

Second, I am already in the mindset that I am not going to get to number 42 in UCLA uniform next season. For now I have accepted that scenario. It makes it that much easier to appreciate what we have with him now and do my best to enjoy every minutes of it.

That said, it's not early at all for the Den to start think about chanting "One More Year!"

It may or may not impact on Love's ultimate decision to return for his sophomore year. However, based on early signs, we might as well get started soon.  In fact come to think of it, once the Doofus is gone, that would be a great campaign for all of us in BN to get behind on.


As mentioned  before the jump here are three more great shots of KLove from Wednesday night. First, here is Kevin driving to the hoop:

He is always fighting for the ball inside:

And as always looking for a team-mate:

As we have heard through all the stories following his career through high school, he is a complete player. Those images give us a little glimpse of that. I am waiting to see many more this coming season, and enjoy every one of those.

Thanks again to Jack for those pictures.