Dorrell Plays Race Card: I Don't Feel I've Gotten A Fair Shake

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Well this will blow your mind ...

I ran some of (Dorrell critics) criticisms past (Karl Dorrell): He is too inexperienced; he has never been a head coach before. He cannot recruit; after all, don't those other teams have all-star players on their second and third strings? Only then did (Dorrell) shake his head. "I don't feel like I've gotten a fair shake."

This is from Kurt Streeter of the LAT, a Cal grad (!), on his new personal blog ... wait for it ... (we wont link to it).  This is all very real apparently.  An LAT columnist doesn't exactly have to be unbiased and objective, however, he is going out of his way to support Karl Dorrell by starting a personal website the sole purpose of which is to save Dorrell's job, a potential subject of his columns.  

But it gets better.  Cal grad Streeter pulls the race card and baits Dorrell to play it ... and Dorrell does:

Does (Karl Dorrell) feel as if he is not getting a fair shake because he is black?

"Let me put it this way," he said. "In every opportunity that I've had in my coaching career, it was never in my mind that I was dealing with a level playing field. I've had to do more to accomplish what I've accomplished."

Uneffing believable.  Dorrell got one of the best coaching jobs in college football without so much as having run an offense, let alone coached a team ... and he didn't get a fair shake??!!  He wasn't dealt a level playing field??  Well, on the second count maybe he wasn't ... Dorrell was given and took the WRONG job. He should have started at a smaller program and trained there.  He was given a prime-time job as a training vehicle.  That is where it all went wrong.

Fair shake?? What a disgrace!!!  And now he is looking at those who gave him the opportunity of a lifetime ... that no one with his experience should have even sniffed at ... and he is telling them he did not get a fair shake and that he is not dealing with a level playing field!!!  Utterly ungrateful ... and so damaging.  What does Karl Dorrell think other University boards and presidents and athletic directors are going to think about when they are considering hiring a promising black coach?!!  They are going to think about Karl Dorrell ... who played the race-card to save his job after performing well below standard.  Utterly ungrateful and irresponsible!  

And the pathetic Kurt Streeter deserves blame as well ... just listen to what the guy says:

I'm convinced that race plays a role in what some of you critics are saying.

That is a huge claim by an LAT columnist, but Kurt provides no evidence of this supposed racism.  Here is Kurt's logic:  There are racists in society that hate blacks.  Karl Dorrell is black. Therefore, those who criticize Dorrell must be racist.  Kurt Streeter does not belong on the pages of the LAT.  Cal grad Streeter is damaging UCLA's great name in the interest of what??? Saving the job of a horrible coach who's record is nothing short of mediocre, whose record cannot stand any test of excellence ... AFTER 5 YEARS!!  Kurt also doesn't realize how he is insulting minority coaches himself by holding Dorrell to a lower standard.

Kurt should read what college football analyst Jason Whitlock said about Karl Dorrell when Karl was first hired. Whitlock is black and he predicted that Karl's hiring would hurt black coaches everywhere because Karl was set to fail .. why??  Because he had no business being a head coach at UCLA ... HE WAS UNQUALIFIED:

I should be overjoyed today. I'm black. I played college football. I'm tired of seeing black assistant coaches passed over for head-coaching opportunities. Why don't I view Dorrell's hiring as a major sign of progress?

Because if Dorrell were white, I would be screaming from the rooftops, "Who the hell is this mother… and when did he become such a hotshot candidate? A 39-year-old, nondescript black NFL receivers coach would've never landed such a good job."

I hope Dorrell can coach football. Because I'm not confident the people he'll be working for know a damn thing about football ... Because if he's not ready, if he's unsuccessful at UCLA, black assistant coaches will be hearing his name, not Willingham's, every time a high-profile job becomes available.

Jason Whitlock is not a prophet, he just used sound reason to note what the future would likely hold for coach-in-training like Dorrell. And Dorrell is obviously proving him right. Kurt Streeter should also read what Dan Guerrero said when he hired Dorrell:

"Karl is a man of high principles whom I feel is well-suited to the college game," UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said. "I believe that Karl is the man who can build UCLA football to the elite level."

Sounds like a fair shake to us.  After 5 long years, are we at the "elite level" ... have we even sniffed "elite level"?? No. Karl Dorrell got his fair shake, just like Toledo - who was fired even though he won the Pac-10 title and had a better record than Karl has.  Just like Lavin, who pleaded for fan reason every year he disappointed the faithful.  Just like Farmer, and Hazzard, and Barnes.  

Karl Dorrell has crossed the line with his comments to Kurt Streeter.  He is waving a big middle finger at UCLA.  It is a disgrace and it is shameful. 

ps. is Karl Dorrell putting the university on notice that if he's fired he will sue based on racial discrimination??

Update:  Kurt Streeter's website post actually appeared first in the LAT as his column.  Shameful. 

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