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Eye On The Ball

Big Joe sounded the alarm bell earlier this week, which immediately picked up:

Big Joe McDonnell on AM 570 last night had a long segment in which he noted that there was a "strong movement" to save Karl Dorrell.   We did not catch who he said was responsible or how this movement was manifesting itself, but we have already pointed out how the beat press is campaigning for Karl.  So Big Joe asked callers to weigh in on the subject, but not before he rained down a long list of Dorrell's failures to get the battle started.  There were callers in support of Dorrell, though not nearly as many as those who wanted him gone.

What's important to realize folks is that this movement to save Karl Dorrell is REAL.  Given Oregon's loss yesterday due largely to the injury to Dixon, the movement to save Dorrell just got a boost.  The injury excuse just got a boost.  And our chances of beating Oregon just got a boost.  We have our work cut out for us. ...
So it is obvious by now there is in fact a last minute, desperation campaign underway by Dorrell, his joker assistants, the few cultists around UCLA who are still supporting his worthless regime. Now that they do not have facts on their side, they are resorting to tired and predictable, recruiting and injury excuses to make last ditch public plea for keeping an incompetent head coach in place.

And now the race card has been thrown into the mix. Of course Dorrell is not doing it directly. But he is using willing hacks from the traditional media, who are so desperate for attention and web traffic, that they are willing to say or to write anything to get passionate folks come to their website to "engage" them in "discussion" which is completely moot.

I am not going to get into responding to Streeter, a Cal grad. (who doesn't seem to know anything about college football). BruinCore from, Meriones, and rest of you have already done the work on rebutting that ridiculous piece.

What I do believe it is extremely important for all us - the ever growing Bruin Nation with a reality based perspective on our alma mater and its legendary athletic programs - to not get distracted by these last minute desperation tactics.

We kind of had a sense that Dorrell and his hacks were not going to go down easy. We knew they were going to be desperate. Those of us who lived through the Lavin years following UCLA basketball on a day to day basis, saw how an incompetent and fraud of a basketball coach, tried everything and anything to cling on to a job he didn't deserve, if it meant demonizing an entire community of alums, students, season ticket holders as ungrateful, cold hearted, ungrateful fans.

And looks like Dorrell is doing the same thing now. It is not a surprise to lot of us who already realized he was just another guy who was out there for himself. This just shows all that nonsense about him being some honest, sincere, loyal Bruin was just BS. By predictably injecting the unwarranted race card into this discussion, Dorrell is giving the middle finger not just to us, the Bruin Nation, but his alma mater, which was the only institution that was generous enough to give him a chance that he clearly did not deserve and was not ready for.

If anything the Streeter column  in the LA Times will help our cause. I don't believe the Bruin Nation will appreciate this naked effort to taint the legacy of Jackie Robinson, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Rafer Johnson et al by the antics of a desperate, incompetent clown.

Despite the rumors we are hearing that the decision to retain the Doofus may go beyond Dan Guerrero, I strongly believe UCLA administrators know what will it mean in terms of relations with alumni, students (that's US), and fundraising if they retain the Doofus.

I have heard from very dependable source that the fundraising for Pauley is at risk, if the Doofus is retained for one more season. And that message has gone out directly to DG and others above.

Meanwhile, we here at BN will do everything we can to keep up the pressure and amplify the efforts of

And if somehow the unthinkable happens and the Doofus is retained, we are going to come at UCLA administration with 100 times more intensity we have come to date.

The Doofus needs to be gone at the end of this season. No matter how desperate these shameless losers get in these last two weeks, we are only going to get stronger.

If these guys think that somehow they will quash our passion and spirit for UCLA, by embarking on  this last minute desperation campaign to save an incompetent loser, then they need to think again. Not only we are going to get stronger, louder, and more effective in how we get our message out, we will never rest in our efforts to realize our vision of UCLA football and rest of our athletic program.

The order has been restored in the universe of UCLA basketball. We are not resting until the same happens in the universe of UCLA football. And once we accomplish that objective, we are going to chip away to make sure it stays that way for rest of time.

So let's keep our eye on the ball.