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Bruins Pound The Terps

I didn’t get to watch the first 10 mins of the game. So I am going to assume the boxscore as I link it is a little whacked, because it shows Shipp and Moute coming off the bench. If they did come off the bench, it’d be interesting to hear the story behind it. Since I am not seeing anything specific in the comment thread, I am going to assume its just the box score for now, which will get the fixed later tonight.

As for the game, I was not happy with what I saw tonight. Then again I have to remind myself we are playing with only 8 scholarship players early in the season.

Bruins pound the Terps on their way to a win. WWL in the highlight called us "impressive," and Coach Howland sounded happy with our performance, but I think we still have a lot of polishing off to do.

Love was the man again (AP recap) and he got some help from AA2:

Photo Credit:(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) (Yahoo)

Also check out the highlights on ESPN. As good as Shipp highlights look on WWL, I was concerned about Shipp and the team’s intensity when the team went up by 20 in the second half. It looked like we were lolly gagging a bit, and being sloppy on both ends of the court, which led to a Maryland run. And if those guys had a legit deep threat in their team, we could have been in trouble. We were also sloppy against the Terp press.

We also didn’t do a very good job in feeding the post. Dick Vitale, who I tuned out most of the game did make a good point in the second half that we needed to get him more touches down low.

That said, we found a way to won against a decent ACC team without our starting pg and two key role players. Westbrook was steady in the second half, Luc pitched in w some key buckets, Mata-Real was cleaning, and oh yeah Love was just being Love.

I think if Missouri wins tonight against Michigan State, tomorrow’s game will be very tough given it will be a de facto home game for the Tigers.

Of course with Coach Howland charge there is no fear in BN.

And with that I will pass it on to rest of you for our traditional post game thread.