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Ben Ball Open [Exhibition] Game Thread: Azusa Pacific

We have been looking forward to writing this post since March 31st.

Yes, it is only an exhibition game. But there are going to be thousands of lucky Bruins inside Pauley who are going to get a little goose bumps when they get to see this:

Photo credit: BigWillieStyles' photostream (flickr)

Why do I get the feeling the experience in this game thread will be uhm slightly different than the ones we have on Saturdays?

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link in the official site. I hear you have to pay up $9.99 to watch the game online. As usual if you are tracking this game online, this is the place to hang out, chit chat, and celebrate Ben Ball.

And if you are at the game please make sure to come back share your thoughts and impressions (and pictures! if you take any) with rest of BN. That said, the BN court is all yours.