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The Show Me Season: Arizona Open Thread

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Well not much else to say at this point. We hear our Sleeping Beauty is on notice. He has no option but to win today against a horrible Arizona team.

We are taking on yet another opponent which a team with UCLA’s talent should beat up even it went coachless. But we all know about the Dorrell factor. So who knows. Here is to another Dorrellian Saturday:

Photo Credit: EriQ.'s photostream (flickr)

That was the coin toss during our last road game against ‘Zona. Our uniforms were a bit different and we didn’t have those those magic wristbands. So of courser we are gonna win today!

Kickoff is at 12:30 PST (on ABC). If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to track the game.

So here is to a fun and enjoyable Dorrellian victory that will mean nothing. The thread is all yours.

Fire away.