The DOOFUS Prepares For The Ducks!

Seems like everyone is getting a little fatigued by the race card that was tossed out in the media frey on behalf of the Doofus's behalf over the weekend.

So I thought it'd be interesting to check out what Doofus had to say about the upcoming football game, you know the LATEST GAME OF DORRELL'S LIFE W/ HIS BACK AGAINST THE WALL blah blah blah.

Apparently the Doofus hasn't even seen the tape from last week's Oregon's game:

Karl Dorrell was busy coaching UCLA practice last Thursday when another major injury altered another game plan.

For once, it wasn't an injury to a Bruin.

Dorrell didn't see it as his team still was on Spaulding Field, but Oregon quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful Dennis Dixon left the game against Arizona after he injured his left knee. It was the same knee in which he tore his anterior cruciate ligament in the previous game.

So apparently the Doofus doesn't know how to use TIVO or DVR. Can you imagine that kind of response from Howland when asked about an opponent? (oh I am sorry I didn't see how "X" suffered the injury since I haven't seen the tape).

And then the Doofus provided more straight up answers on his team's qb situation:

Dorrell has gone only so far as to say that Olson could be ready to be the emergency quarterback Saturday.

Asked what would constitute an emergency, he said, "I'm expecting us to play great this Saturday and for us to play an exciting football game and just to execute what we need to do offensively, put some points on the board, stop them on defense and limit their points that they can score and for us to just play well."

That being said, Dorrell did add, "We're prepared for all scenarios, but we're not looking at the negative right now. We're looking at what's coming ahead and what's going to be positive about this coming Saturday. [Ben] is going to get a chance to help if he's able to get through the week. That's all I can really say on that."

When asked whether being the emergency quarterback meant Olson would be available in case of an injury, Dorrell jokingly pounded on the lectern with both fists, smiling.

Can anyone translate that into English please?

Picture From Michael Chen, Daily Bruin staff

Just another day in the world of Dorrellian football. The moron is apparently preparing for an opponent without even watching any game film.

Go Bruins!

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