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Center Court: Ben Ball (Michigan State) Open Thread

Ben Ball warriors get to follow up last night's pounding of the Terps, with the most physical matchup of this young season. We are missing 3 scholarship players. Our freshman superstar is playing with a broken finger. And our point guard is only starting his 6th game at that spot for Coach Howland. And it seems like they have had to deal with a number of other adversities off the court:

"We started out this trip and the bus broke down, so we're dealing with adversity,'' UCLA coach Ben Howland said. "The bus broke down leaving Pauley for the airport. We had some computers stolen with all our stuff on them out of the team room in the hotel. So we've been dealing with a lot of different things, and you have to be able to roll with the punches, and I like that we're able to do that as a team.''
Rolling with the punches and making no excuses.

Tonight the assignment is to take on number 11 ranked Michigan State Spartans, a tough, hard nosed, defensive minded team, grounded on fundamentals, that is led by one of the best coaches in the game. Our warriors will need to be ready for a good ole fashioned street fight:

Photo credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Is tonight's game a challenge? You bet. Are we scared? Hell no!

The tip off is set for 7:00 pm PST (ESPN 2). You can follow or watch the game by going to this link on the official site.

You know the drill. The BN center court is all yours. Fire away.