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Still No Apology (To UCLA Community) From Karl Dorrell

UCLA beat reporters filed their notes following yesterday’s press conference. Looks like none of them took the professional initiative to ask about the main question raging through the minds of UCLA football fans at this point of time. None of them seem to have asked Dorrell question about whether he not associated himself with the race card that Kurt Streeter (more on him in another stand alone post) threw out over the weekend. Instead the only hint we are getting from Dorrell wrt to the weekend’s article is this post from, in which it appears that Dorrell sent an email to a DD reader, seeking to distance himself (not apologize to UCLA community) for his comments in the LAT:

From: Karl Dorrell [mailto:KDorrellATathletics ucla edu]
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 4:46 PM
To: ---------

Subject: Re: Racism at UCLA

Mr. --------,

I received you email and I wanted to clarify what I said. I was asked the question about racism in the coaching profession and I told the reporter that we still have issues in this profession with qualified minority candidates getting head coaching opportunities. That was expressed in a general sense, not as an indictment about UCLA. I have seen a lot of issues in this profession over the last 20 years, none whatsoever has occurred in my tenure at UCLA dealing with me. We have 6 out of 119 division 1 head coaches that are African American in college football. This was the subject we were talking discussing at the time of the interview.

I apologize for the embarrassment.


Karl Dorrell
Uhm, sorry Karl. A simple email is not going to work at this point of time. If Karl wants to make it clear that he didn’t in any way or form mean to imply that the UCLA and the Bruin community had treated him differently because of his race, then he needs to do more than just sending out an email. We need an apology not a clarification, and he needs to issue it to all of us – alums, students, season ticket holders, administrators, the entire Bruin community – who he insulted with those comments in Streeter’s article.

As for the game against Oregon, who gives a ^**& except for the Dorrell lovers, who are looking at it as last ditch effort to campaign for a joke coach in their unending effort to move the goal posts by lowering expectations game by game. I am not that anxious to read about how Dorrell’s "game plan" has been impacted by Dixon’s absence nor am I anxious to read about Olson’s availability this coming weekend, because when the bottom line is even if UCLA pulls out a cheap win over a Dixon less Ducks, it should have zero ramifications on the overall DG’s no brainer decision to can the Doofus on December 3rd.