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Thank God For Ben Howland (Postgame Thread)

The Bruins complete a furious 2nd half comeback to down the 11th ranked Michigan State Spartans 68-63 to clinch the CBE Championship.

In an awful first half that looked more like a rugby match than a Basketball game, the Bruins looked lost without their All American point guard and their top perimeter threat and post entry passer; both things that they could have used early. But as always, Ben Howland is the master of halftime adjustments, and he proved what good coaching can do.

Ben Howland could have used injuries as an excuse tonight. The refs were awful down the stretch and we were horrible from the free throw line, but this is a BEN HOWLAND team that doesn't quit. I questioned whether coaching adjustments were enough at halftime, because I thought our personnel wasn't enough to get this done, and for that I apologize, to our team and to our coach. I am an idiot.

This was the first BIG test for our Ben Ball Warriors, as well as the first real test for any top team this season, and the Bruins came through while shorthanded. In the words of Bill Walton: "We could not be more proud".

Second Half Ben Ball Defense. Photo: Charlie Riedel (AP)

Thank you Kevin Love for battling through the wrestlers in the post.
Thank you Shipp for keeping the rest of the team on an even keel as we made our run.
Thank you Westbrook for stepping up when it mattered most.
Thank you Luc for retooling your shot and burying a dagger in the Spartans tonight.
Thank God for Ben Howland.

Thanksgiving comes early to Bruin Nation. Postgame Thread. Go for it.