Dorrell makes his clarification

I just navigated to the UCLA Athletics page (some friends are going to buy general admission tickets to the Oregon game - the Rose Bowl on any given Saturday is still a fun time regardless of whether or not we have much confidence that we can win) and noticed the top story is called "Statement From UCLA Head Football Coach Karl Dorrell" on the front page.

Here is the statement, in its entirety:

"This statement is to clarify issues arising from an article written about me this past Sunday. During the interview, the reporter asked a question regarding the issue of race in today's college coaching environment. I told the reporter that there still exist issues in this profession, with qualified minority candidates not receiving college head coaching opportunities. In college football, six out of 119 Division IA head coaches are African American. This was the context in which the subject was addressed during the interview.

"My comments regarding race issues were expressed in a general sense, and clearly not as an indictment about my experience at UCLA. I have seen a lot of issues in this profession over the last 20 years, but I have not had to deal with any such concerns during my time at UCLA."

I'm in the middle of a workday and can't offer much commentary right now, but thought I'd give credit where it's due.

(If someone makes a comment that this is already in a comment thread, I will gladly remove the diary entry; again, I didn't have time to search right now.)

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