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Ben Ball Buzz ...

I still cannot get last night's Ben Ball action out of my head. I am still buzzed and I am not coming out of it anytime soon. Earlier this am I was IMing back and forth with an old college buddy and we were trying to think of the games last night's action reminded us of.

The easy reference from the Howland era was Gonzaga because of the difficult (and at times impossible) circumstances under which we won the game. I thought of the game against Pitino's Kentucky in the Wooden Classic from 1994, when J R Henderson sunk two FTs (legend has it that Ed O told the freshman right before he took those shots that he'd "kill" him if he didn't make them!). But seriously I think last night's game was even more remarkable given the fact that we were did it without our superstar pg (and it looks like Russell could be developing his own legend at this point), and two other key contributors from this year's team. And to top it off it came against Tom Izzo, arguably one of the top-5 coaches (who BTW was Mariucci's college room-mate, just thought I'd throw it out there) in the game.

Well back in 1994 we didn't really have blogs/message boards, ya know the superfast internets! All we could do back then was plant ourselves infront of the tube and just wait for Sports Center highlights and watch them over and over and over and over again. Well we don't have to do that any more:

Enjoy. Thought it'd make you smile if you are stuck somewhere at an airport, train station or just checking in for another dose of U---C---L---A, before getting ready for the Turkey Day.