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No Excitement For A Meaningless Game

So let's shift our attention to our joke football program. While Bruins are having trouble finding tickets for Ben Ball warriors matchup against Yale, there is absolutely no excitement or interest against the football team's meaningless game against the Ducks.

How fired up are the Duckies about this game (remember they still have a realistic shot at the shot at the Rose Bowl). Well the bloggers at best Ducks online community around - Addicted To Quack - has written up a grand total of ZERO major post on their matchup against the Bruins. Who can't blame them? I'd have a hard time getting excited after a crushing defeat, injury to the MVP QB, and then having to take on the most boring, listless, lifeless, dull, unexciting, uninspiring, inconsistent football team in the Pac-10 that is Karl "the Doofus" Dorrell's Bruins.

Oh yeah tomorrow is senior day. It will be a big day for seniors like injury plagued Chris Markey and showboating Bruce Davis. But this "senior day" will have as much meaning as Jason Kapono's senior day at Pauley. It will mean NOTHING and a victory in this game against also an injury plagued Ducks team will nothing.

Losers like DeWayne Walker though are doing their best to play the woulda, coulda, shoulda routine, mouthing off about how his team is preparing his D to take on the Duck rushing attack:

Oregon's Jonathan Stewart leads the Pacific 10 Conference with 1,273 yards rushing. His presence has become even more vital to the Ducks, as quarterback Dennis Dixon, a leading Heisman Trophy candidate, went out because of a knee injury against Arizona on Nov. 15.

"Trust me, this guy, we've been meeting our [butts] off to make sure we take care of this run game," Bruins defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said. "We're still in the top 20 against the rush [nationally], not that stats mean anything. Have we been great? Naw. Have we been pretty good? Yeah. But we've got to be great this week."

In their last three games, the Bruins gave up 274 yards rushing against Washington State, 128 against Arizona and 152 against Arizona State. In each of those three games, a back has broken free on a long touchdown run.

Arizona's Nicolas Grigsby went 60 yards, getting a block from UCLA safety Chris Horton, who collided with teammate Alterraun Verner. Arizona State's Keegan Herring went 71 yards, spinning outside after being stood up at the line of scrimmage.

"In the Arizona State game, it was, 'I'm a lucky dude sometimes,' " Walker said. "We hit, we just didn't finish the play. The Arizona game was the same. We had to adjust and didn't have guys in place to make the tackle.

"I know you can't, but if you take those two runs away, we give up 50-60 yards rushing like we normally do."
Uh yeah, except you didn't DeWayne. Your D choked when it counted and it embarrassed and humiliated itself when Pac-10 championship was on the line.

For all the hype around this over-rated defensive coordinator, his performance from last two years haven't been all that great compared to what Phil Snow did under Toledo. His "accomplishments' only look great because the previous defenses under the Doofus (when he no longer had Toledo recruited NFL talent to work with) were that much more atrocious.

I fully expect the D to have a decent day against the Ducks tomorrow, who will probably go to a conventional, predictable attack, riding the back of Stewart. This is the kind of O, Walker's defense do well against, and then immediately go into a self promoting back slapping mode, proclaiming themselves to be the greatest ever (only to fall on their collective faces down the line like they against FSU last season following 13-9).

On the offensive side it looks like Olson now may be available as a "backup" instead of just an emergency option against the Ducks:
Quarterback Ben Olson (Thousand Oaks High) has moved back up the depth chart following his knee injury Oct. 6. UCLA increased Olson's workload each day this week, and coach Karl Dorrell officially named him the backup for Saturday's game against Oregon.

"We'll see where his head is at," Dorrell said. "He looks good. Each day as the week progressed he looked better and better. I was encouraged by what I saw (Thursday). It looks like he's comfortable. He's getting over the soreness of his knee. I think it's not going to feel perfect for him to play. I think he's realized that.

"We'll see about availability and things like that. If he has a great pregame and he's out there and looks great those are all factors that determine whether he has great availability or not."

Asked what his availability would be, Dorrell said: "If needed."

Asked what the comment meant, Dorrell said "if needed" again, then offered Thanksgiving wishes to reporters.
I never knew a QB could have  a "great availability"! That's a new one for me.

As I have stated already the smart thing for Olson at this point is not to take a single snap in the offense schemed by the Doofus and the Mini-Doofus. It's just not worth it to risk any kind of long term injury rather than to start over under the guidance of a real coach like Peterson, Mariucci, Hauck, Mora Jr or whoever is in charge this spring.

Besides, I expect the UCLA to win a typically ugly, uwatchable Dorrellian game with or without Olson tomorrow.  You can count on a defensive domination against a Dixon-less one dimensional Ducks team. And our meaningless win will be followed by articles and columns from gasbags like Streeter of the world proclaiming how the Doofus is showing resiliency staring down all the alums, students, ya know the racist meanies who have not given their boy a "fair shake" in Westwood.