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Center Court: Ben Ball (Yale) Open Thread

What better way to ease into the long Thanksgiving weekend than taking in some Ben Ball action at the Cathedral of College Basketball. That's right. Our warriors are back in town following two big wins in the fly over country.

Shipp and his team-mates are taking on Yale Bulldogs, getting in more pre-season work before the return of DC, Roll and James Keefe.:

Photo credit: AP Photo/Jeff Lewis (ESPN)

Also worthy of note is AA2's status is a game time decision tonight. Remember he bumped his knee against a Spartan last Tuesday night. Apparently his knews swelled up. But nothing came up in precautionary MRI. Per Coach Howland AA2 was feeling "fine," and that "he had some soreness, but nothing serious."

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link on the official site.

You know the drill. The BN center court is all yours. Fire away.