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Injury Updates

The biggest concern around our hoops team is the health of our warriors. First here is the report on AA2 via Painter:

He sustained a possible fracture of the orbital bone under his right eye when he was accidentally elbowed by Yale guard Nick Holmes. Both players were going for a rebound near the top of the key with 7:37left in the first half. Aboya immediately covered his eye with his hand and left the game.

He complained of blurry vision and was taken to UCLA Medical Center for a CT scan and X-ray to check for a possible fracture. Results were not immediately available.

Depending on the severity of the injury, Howland said Aboya could miss up to a month and a half. There is the possibility he could play with a facemask, depending on the severity of the injury.

"It's a nice win, but it's obviously tempered by the fact that Alfred got hurt," Howland said. "That's my biggest concern now."
And Pucin has a good rundown on what happened with Love:
Love's injury also seemed serious at first.

While he was fending off three Bulldogs for an offensive rebound, Love's left ankle twisted with 7 minutes 58 seconds left in the game. Love slid himself off the court rather than walking. "I felt a couple of pops," Love said. Howland turned his back on the game for a moment, standing over his prized rookie center.

As Love untied his shoe and took it off, trainer Carrie Rubertino ripped off the tape. A moment later a barefoot Love limped off the court.

Four minutes after that Love walked back to the bench as the crowd cheered. Howland said Love wanted to go back in the game. That wasn't happening.

Love said he had never sprained an ankle or a foot before.

"It shocked me a little bit," Love said. "When I put a little weight on it, it didn't feel good. But I'll go to the training room tomorrow, get some treatment and I'll be fine."

The injury happened when Love was attempting to follow up a missed shot by Josh Shipp.

"Josh went for the layup," Love said, "and I went for the tip dunk. A Yale guy slid under me to box me out and my ankle turned out. It stung a little bit and right now it's a little sore."

It's not surprising, Love said, that the Bruins would take a beating.

"We're such a physical team, it's bound to happen," he said. "But once we get all our players back, watch out."
Once again we are  going to spend another weekend anxiously awaiting updates on AA2 and Love. We will have our fingers crossed. If any of you notice any updates in the tradtional media outlets later today, please share it with us in the comment thread or put it up in our diary section. Honestly this is more important to me right now than how the Doofus does in his last home game as the UCLA football "coach."