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Spare Us Going To 'The Rose Bowl' Nonsense

So as expected the Bruin defense dominates over a hapless Ducks team that got exposed as one trick pony without all world Dennis Dixon. In Dorrell's last game at the Rose Bowl we get what else, fireworks from our FG unit!

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Jeff Lewis (ESPN)

Yeap, you are looking right at the latest Dorrellian offensive weapon Kai Fortbath, who was the MVP of yet another ugly, unwatchable Dorrellain victory. Here is the box score if actually want to check out our "stats."

Just like the wins against a Cal team with one legged Nate Longshore was meaningless, today's "win" against a mediocre Ducks team in the grand scheme of things will mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Oh and please spare us the UCLA to Rose Bowl BS. Even if the Bruins win against bunch of over-rated TrOJies and back into the Rose Bowl thanks to the Choke Devils, it will not hide the fact that we are coached by a Doofus, a joke of an offensive idiot, whose team looks impotent no mattter what QB is leading the offense.

All we need to do right now is buckle up and get through this coming week during which we are going to be barraged with BS about how an incompetent football coach has his back against the wall, and how he is going to fight for his job against our rivals from cross town.

I will make this clear now. I don't care about beating the TrOJies next Saturday. That game means nothing to me. And I don't care about getting to the Rose Bowl thanks to the mediocre chokers from rest of the conference.

All I care about at this point  is to make sure we let the world know we want Karl Dorrell gone from Westwood next week. We have had enough of this Doofus sucking all the joy out of caring for UCLA football. So please spare us all the Rose Bowl BS. If you actually care about the long term health of our alma mater's football program you wouldn't fall for that kind of BS.

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