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Southern Cal Week: No Longer Sacrosanct (Thanks To Dorrell)

20 years ago when I first start following UCLA football on a day-to-day basis, the conventional wisdom in Bruin Nation (dominated by a loser Donahue mentality) went something like this:

I will take 1-11 season over an 11-1 one any time, if that one win/one loss involved the game against U$C

Ah yes, the game against Southern Cal is the only game that is supposed to matter to in the world of a low information, generic Bruin fan, who has no clue or junkie interest in the game of college football.

You know all the clichés to go with that game: throw all the records out of the window, it is us v. them, blah blah blah.

Yet, to me none of that matters this year.

I simply do not care about this UCLA football team. I used to hate the moron who is leading the team as a "head coach" for his lack of coaching. But given what transpired last week, I despise this loser as a person. Once again, here was the Doofus insulting the entire UCLA community just last weekend (emphasis mine):

"Let me put it this way," he said. "In every opportunity that I've had in my coaching career, it was never in my mind that I was dealing with a level playing field. I've had to do more to accomplish what I've accomplished.
The Doofus can back peddle all he wants, but the point is he never apologized for his race baiting remark insulting every man, woman, and child ever to bleed Bruin blue and gold. And now he cannot expect a united Bruin Nation, to join him in the only game that is supposed to matter in our football universe.

It just doesn't work that way.

Just because tradition demands it doesn't mean we lay aside our reservations and concerns about a rotting football program, which is being led by a despicable, selfish, shameless SOB.

We are not going to play the role of loyal soldiers and get into the superficial spirit of "Blue and Gold week" (the cheese eating surrender monkeys in Westwood have been so Dorrellized over the years, they don't even have the courage and conviction to call it "Beat `SC week").

What we saw yesterday was once again was an uninspiring, lifeless football program that still doesn't have a clue on what is it like to play to win. From the Mini Doofus himself:
The Bruins finished with 220 total yards, 20 on a touchdown run by Craig Sheppard in the fourth quarter. By then, Forbath had tacked on field goals of 31 and 28 yards and the Ducks still weren't showing signs of offensive life.

"It wasn't really necessary for us to force the issue," UCLA offensive coordinator Jay Norvell said. "We wanted to play to our strengths, play with our special teams and play with our defense, and not make any mistakes."
That is pretty much Dorvell football in a nutshell. A boring, lame, conservative backward mentality that will never get us to the promised land.

I understand there are many Bruin fans who are suffering from stockholm syndrome. If you have already forgotten what that is all about, here is Achilles's post again:
The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage exhibits loyalty to the hostage-taker, in spite of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as battered person syndrome, child abuse cases, and bride kidnapping.
And that is why you have retread columnists like Bob Keisser getting all giddy about the Rose Bowl, completely forgetting what a total disgrace and a disaster this season and last five years have been under the incompetent leadership of Karl Dorrell.

So the focus this week should not be about how much we despise Southern Cal. No one here on Bruins Nation, need to prove his or her street cred on Trojan hatred. We don't have to take a backseat to anyone when it comes to lampooning the corrupt thugs from Pom Pom's scandal tainted program. We have been there and done that.

The focus this week will continue to be shedding the light on a Doofus who has worn out of his welcome at Westwood, proven himself to be a selfish, shameless, incompetent tool who no longer deserves to be in a charge of UCLA's football program.

We deserve a football coach who actually loves UCLA, not insults it for the sake of preserving a job he doesn't deserve to begin with.

We deserve a football coach who gives us reason to be inspired and excited notwithstanding our opponent.

We deserve a football coach, who will not leave us only depending on hatred for our archrival to get excited about a football game.

Those are the things we need to talk about this week. This is not the week to lose sight of the big picture.

I don't care about how "fun" it is to "smash up" cars painted in TrOJan red. I don't care about "fun" bonfires.

What I know is last five years under the current incompetent loser has been anything but "fun". All it matters now is to make sure the Doofus is gone no matter what happens on Saturday.

Thanks to the Doofus "Beat SC week" is no longer sacrosanct. It doesn't really matter. And noting will change until the Doofus is gone.