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"It's all about the body of work"

Steve Dilbeck from the Daily News gives us the most poignant scoop following Saturday's meaningless win:

After Saturday's victory, Guerrero was not ready to fill in any blanks. He tried to deflect questions concerning Dorrell with comments directed toward next Saturday's game against USC.

Understandably, he wanted to sidestep the building speculation about Dorrell.

"It's all about the body of work," Guerrero said. "When you evaluate a program, you have to let the season run its course."

A body of work is much more than a final four games.

And the entire body of work does not bode well for Dorrell's UCLA future.

Dorrell had a 10-2 season in 2004, but in his other four seasons has a combined record of 25-24.

Five years is a long time to build a program.

Five years offer naked numbers. Five years should tell who you are as a coach.

And slipping into another fourth-rate bowl game is not what UCLA is supposed to be about.

"We expected to be bowl-eligible," Guerrero said.
DG is a smart guy. He knows what is going on. And he also knows how insincere, clueless and disingenous his pathetic football coach sounds when he says c*ap like this following meaningless wins:
"Our team was ready to play," he said. "We were going to win this game. There was no question in my mind.

"It didn't matter how it looked, but we were going to do it in a way that was important for us to get a victory."
Again expect lot of bluster from the Doofus and all his supporters and sympathizers from both the tradtional media and in the online commuinites (the shameless hacks pop up usually after these wins) this whole week about how we are all supposed to focus on the TrOJies this week and  forget about their loser head coach. But the fact of the matter is no matter what happens this Saturday, the body of work is not in CTS's favor.

DG should feel empower to fire this loser next Monday. And we are going to do everything we can in next 5-6 days to make it clear for him that no matter what happens on Saturday, we expect DG to make our expected move, and end this Dorrell hell early next week.

After all it's all about the body of work.