Take Your Medicine

Guys and gals, what I say here will not affect Saturday's game one bit.  Try and remember that if you feel your blood pressure start to rise.

First, a quick recap of this past Saturday's game: Can we just call it "Dull and Duller"?  That was probably the most boring game I have ever witnessed.  As inept as our offense was, Oregon's was even worse.  I can only imagine what the Ducks' fans were going through.  

For those of you who were not physically present (and get down on your knees and thank God that you were not), it was the quietest RB crowd I have ever experienced.  The best parts of the game?  The pre-game tailgating (of course), the drunken woman four rows back who screeched pure nonsense throughout the 1st and 3rd quarters, and the band's half-time spoof of the Fall of Troy.  

I have said it before:  If Dorrell is HC next year, I will not attend any more games in protest.  Another reason not to attend?  If Dorrell and Norvell are still around next year, watching UCLA football will put you to sleep quicker than warm milk and gingersnaps.

A couple of other observations:  The 1st down runs up the gut were back in full force.  Hey, they are always good for 1-2 yards.  Also, um, Dorvell, when the other team turns the ball over and you have some momentum, don't do the run up the gut thing (I know, I know, it's 1st down, we have to--it's in the Bible or something).  Chuck the ball in the end zone.  Hit them while they are down.  Just a little friendly refresher on Football 101, guys.  I know you guys make the big bucks and all, and I'm just a lowly fan, but running up the gut really doesn't work well in most situations.  I offer my advice here gratis.

On to the SuC game--what to do, what to do.

One thing is for sure--I won't be there.  After witnessing 66-19 (the most disgusting display I have ever witnessed in sports), and after suffering through the insults and obscenities of the Sucster fans, I'm taking a pass on this game and, likely, on all future games at the Mausoleum. It's no fun for me and I won't put the wife through it, either.  For those of you brave enough to endure, you are better than me.  I salute you.

Now, my anti-Suc credentials are as good as anyone's.  Let us not play that game.  And, if I was a player for UCLA, I would give my all on Saturday and would try and crunch every Trojan in sight.  That is what competitive athletes are supposed to think and feel.

But I'm just a lowly fan.  I do, however, want what is best for the program.  Tydides called it "tough love," a term I appreciate and like.  I call it "taking your medicine."

What do I mean?  Because none of us know what DG is going to do with the coaching situation, I am going to assume that a UCLA win and possible trip to the Rose Bowl saves Dorrell's job.  If that happens, this program is doomed for at least next year, if not much longer.

Here's your dose of the most bitter medicine around:  The best thing that could happen this Saturday would be a loss to SC.  And I don't mean just any loss:  I mean a 76-0 pounding that jars your teeth loose and makes you want to puke.  

Why do I say that?  Because it is only after losses like 66-19, it is only after repetitive defeats in third-tier bowl games, it is only after humiliations like Utah and Notre Dame (shall I go on?), that clearer thinking prevails.  Everyone has their own moment of clarity--it just takes some longer to experience it than others.

No, I won't be cheering for SC this Saturday.  Even if I did, I really doubt it would affect the game.  Also, we are 16 point dogs (and probably should be 46 point dogs).  SC will probably take care of business and this diary will be a distant memory.

But UCLA needs to take its medicine.  This medicine (a hideous loss to SC) is the worst kind possible.  But it is necessary for the long-term health of the program, as long as it gets Dorrell fired.

Now, spare me the "you hate Dorrell so much you want us to lose to our most bitter rival" speech, please.  My anti-SuC credentials take a back seat to no one's.  I am trying to think long-term here.  Beating SC would be great--you get to rub it in the face of SC people for a full year.  Hey, that's nice.  Nevermind, that the cancer continues to spread and the program suffers for yet another year, and then another year, and so on.  Is one lousy win worth the future of the program to you?  Judging from some posts I have seen, yes.  But it is not worth it to me.

It is not in our best interests to win.  Sorry.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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