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Ask Guerrero To Channel The Gipper

To start the week Husker legend Coach Tom Osborne laid out his reasoning in why he fired Bill Callahan, who had an identical winning percentage as our Doofus, who just like Doofus had a decent amount of talent to with at Lincoln:

"If you lose a fairly large number of games by a significant margin and you have reasonably good players, which I think we have, then that means there may be some systematic issues, some underlying issues," Osborne said. "I don't think the coaches were incompetent. I think they know what they're doing. But there was something missing, as far as I was concerned."
I don't need to go over all the mind boggling blow out and disgraceful losses during the Doofus's regime to make the same point about our worthless head coach.

So let's move on to Jim Sterk, the athletic director for Washington State - yes we are talking about freaking Wazzu - who fired Bill Doba despite his win over Wazzu's Pac-10 arch rival UDub:
Sterk said after the 53-7 loss at Oregon that dropped WSU to 2-5 he would judge Doba after the season was over and that "how the team responds, how they play," would figure in his decision. At the time, he said he expected "them to be competitive and to come roaring back after this break."

In the five games that followed, WSU was 3-2 including the upset of UCLA, a 52-17 debacle at home against the Beavers and the Apple Cup. The Cougars also defeated Stanford and lost by three at California, one of the preseason Pac-10 favorites.
We all know what by now what Dan Guerrero said following our debacle against Wazzu (emphasis added throughout):
"I will be very interested to see how we finish the season. And you can use that."
And this:
"We are all disappointed with the performance and with the outcome of that (WSU) game, but the reality is we still have our destiny in our hands. We have four tough games, two on the road, two at home, and obviously we're going to need to perform at a high level to win those football games.
Sterk fired Doba even after Doba went 3-2 after he was served with his ultimatum, which included a thrilling victory against their hated rival in the conference.

In contrast the Doofus at best can finish with a 2-2 record by pulling off an upset against a formidable but not necessarily invincible TrOJan squad. And there is the over all body of work from last 5 years.  If you still want to take in one last look at the numbers read through the recent masterful research efforts from our BN brothers here and here.

So what should Dan Guerrero do when taking in the over all body of work. He needs to ask himself a simple question. And with that I give you this from the
Karl Dorrell - Coach Dorrell got a much needed win over a reeling Oregon football team on Saturday, and that sets up one of the more intriguing non-championship games of the weekend.  The often repeated refrain is that one event should not determine one's future, but as Bud Fox said in the movie Wall Street, "Life all comes down to a few moments, this is one of them."  Karl Dorrell, this game against USC is one of those moments, and if the Stanford Cardinal can beat USC in the Coliseum, then certainly UCLA can as well.  Last year Dorrell and his coaching staff brought a team into the USC game at the Rose Bowl that played like UCLA teams of old, and their performance gave Dorrell perhaps the signature win of his career.  Can Dorrell do it again, and will if UCLA does lose, will that loss have an impact upon his continued employment in Westwood?  The answer to the first questions is yes, UCLA can beat USC, and the answer to the second question is that absolutely a loss will have an impact upon his job status.  The question that really must be asked is the old Ronald Reagan one, "Is UCLA better off today than it was 5 years ago when Dorrell was hired?"  In the previous 5 seasons before Dorrell was hired, Bob Toledo was 34-24 (.586).  In Dorrell's 5 seasons at UCLA he is 35-26 (.574).  To us that reads like mediocrity before Dorrell arrived and mediocrity after, and if we know UCLA AD Dan Guerrero, he is not going to tolerate mediocrity.
If DG is intent on doing the right thing (and a courageous one should we burn down Troy despite the tomfoolery of an inept head coach), then he needs to channel the Gipper, and end this hell next Monday.

Of course we can all help his cause, by sending him our voices of encouragement and pledging our overwhelming support for his decision to get rid of the Doofus. And as we saw from Dorrell's partial cave in last weekend, our voices do matter and can make a difference, when we make our case with passion and more importantly facts.

So send him a note today at  encouraging him to make the right decision and act like the Gipper next Monday, no matter what happens on Saturday. And as always if you can please share in the comment thread what you sent to DG with rest of your Bruin family here on BN.