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This Is Going To Hurt Ed Kezerian's Chances of Being Selected to the Las Vegas Bowl Hall of Fame

Only the tragicomedy that is UCLA football could produce the following from Brian "Stop Calling Me the Dohnster, I Prefer the Dohninator" Dohn:

Dept. of You Must Be Kidding Me:

If UCLA loses, Cal wins and Arizona wins, the Bruins are likely shut out of the postseason.

Under such a scenario, the Pac-10 would have seven bowl eligible teams, but because of an Arizona State loss, only USC would go to the BCS. The Trojans would go to the Rose Bowl, and the Holiday Bowl would still choose between Arizona State and the Oregon-Oregon State winner, with the other team falling to the Sun Bowl.

The Emerald Bowl would take the Oregon-Oregon State loser and Cal, which would have seven wins and must go to a bowl ahead of a 6-6 team.

The Bears would be ticketed for the Armed Forces Bowl (but a deal to put them in the Emerald Bowl could be worked out), leaving the Las Vegas Bowl to chose between UCLA and Arizona.

"Any time you have a team that wins to come to your bowl when you're in the middle of the pack, you do it," Kunzer-Murphy said.

Another factor, according to sources, is that the Las Vegas Bowl does not want a repeat of 2002, when UCLA brought an interim coach after Bob Toledo was fired.

It makes for messy dealings for the bowl and the host city, according to sources.