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The Not So Formidable (& Overrated) TrOJans

As expected, the lapdogs in LA’s traditional media are once again making the Trojans out to be an invincible opponent, setting the stage for any upset of Pom Pom’s over-rated (yeah I think they are over-rated) clowns to be hailed as OMG the greatest win ever by the Doofus and his minions.

Let’s go to Lonnie White, you remember the Trojie alum who served as the "beat reporter" for the LA Times last season. White looks into the matchup between UCLA defense and Southern Cal offense, which will play a big part in determining the outcome of this weekend’s game:

Now here's the $17-million Rose Bowl question of the week: Can UCLA's defense do it again when it faces USC Saturday at the Coliseum with a Pacific 10 Conference title on the line?

At first glance, the answer would be no.

Booty is a more experienced quarterback than he was last season and he's coming off a 375-yard, four-touchdown passing game in a victory at Arizona State last week.

After sitting out three games because of a broken finger on his throwing hand, Booty has displayed the type of leadership Coach Pete Carroll has needed in getting USC back into the Bowl Championship Series bowl game picture.

The Trojans' offense has also shown more balance this season thanks to an effective running game led by tailbacks Chauncey Washington, Stafon Johnson and Joe McKnight.

In 10 games, USC has averaged 186.6 yards rushing and 4.8 yards per carry. That's a far cry from last season, when the Trojans averaged only 128 yards rushing.

Yeah, a "far cry" from last season! Only, a TrOJie alum would see a huge difference between the offensive stats from 2007 and 2006, and bellowing out the argument that Pom Pom’s offensive bunch is a smooth (on the field) killing machine.

While waxing poetic about Booty’s leadership, White conveniently leaves out the fact that it was Booty who was quarterbacking these losers when they choked against Stanford. It was Booty who got picked off 4 times against the Cardinals. It has been Booty who still hasn’t showed he is capable of winning a nail biting close game, when something big is on the line. And, of course, it was Booty who served up the gift to Eric McPick, establishing himself as the biggest choker in this game since those halcyon days of Rob Johnson.

Yeah, we are supposed to be dazzled by a TrOJie offense that is scoring just 1.45 more points this season (31.91) compared to last (30.46).

I am sure our defensive guys are all shaking in their boots about facing an offense which it blew up all over the Rose Bowl last season, that is producing about 25 more yards of offense this season (416.73) compared to last (391.85).

Oh and their national rankings in terms of total offense this year is also down considerably this year (43) compared to last year (21).

So you will have to forgive us if we don’t buy into the hype coming out of LA’s traditional media about a team that struggled to beat a joke Washington team on the road, eeked out a W against a mediocre Cal team, and then fattened up on an over-rated Choke Devils team (that UCLA could have beaten if they had a competent coaching staff).

Despite what White claims in terms of numbers, their running game is not all that formidable this year, compared to the one our defense destroyed last year. C.J. Gable is no longer around. The guy who has taken place – Joe McKnight – the hot shot recruit from Louisiana, who came into South Central under a cloud of recruiting controversy (shocking we know), has been less productive.

And they don’t have Smith and Jarrett. The wideouts replacing them – Turner and Hazelton – have been productive, but no where close to Smith and free renter from last season. I will note, though, that Fred Davis is a total beast and has the potential to be the difference maker this season.

And we are playing at the Mausoleum, a place where the Doofus has shown as much courage as the French did at their Maginot line. So, yeah, the TrOJies have that going for them.

Anyway, what I am saying is once again, even though, to an average fan, the morons in the local media, and outside observers, this game looks like a mismatch, it really isn’t. If anything, I believe we have a strong shot to win this game. And I think we may just win it despite being handicapped by having a Doofus as our head coach (we did it last year and we did it all the time during the Lavin years in these kinds of games).

This is a game where the match-ups and schemes on this front helps us. If our D can hold these guys to within 20 points (they should be capable of doing so, if the DyNoMite Walker is all that (remember Arizona held these losers to 20 points at the Mausoleum)), and we dominate on special teams (we have a much better unit thanks to all the "experience" we have gotten this season), we will have more than a decent shot to win this game. What’s that? What about our offense you said? Well here is Dorrell:

"We want just to have one more point then they do," Dorrell said when asked if his team had the offensive capability to win a high-scoring game. ". . . We need to take advantage of every scoring opportunity we get. They have an offense that can put points on the board. Any chance we get to put points on the board, we need to make sure we do it."

That brings the question back to the quarterbacks.

Olson would seem the likely choice to start, but Dorrell said he wanted to see how his knee responded this week. Olson, who missed four-plus games, started the second half in a 16-0 victory over Oregon on Saturday. He completed four of 10 passes for 64 yards and had one pass intercepted against the Ducks.

"In the back of my mind, he has to show he has progressed," Dorrell said. "He played 39-40 plays [Saturday] and was sore the day after."

Dorrell pointed out that Cowan returned from a knee injury to lead the Bruins to victory over California, but hobbled through the next two games before suffering a collapsed lung against Arizona.

Cowan has been cleared to resume practice. Rasshan, who did not complete a pass in seven attempts against Oregon, will continue "to be brought along," Dorrell said.

As for using all three, Dorrell said, "We're going to explore anything and everything for us to have some productivity this week."

Well, there is your answer. The Doofus has everything under control. Plus, its not like we needed any offense to beat those clowns last year. We just need 4 FGs, a sweet return from Slater and a pick-six from ATV, and voila.

So, a victory on Saturday should not come as a shock to anyone here on BN. And, immediately after a victory, instead of worrying about bowl scenarios, we will immediately pivot our focus to Dan Guerrero, and ask him to get rid of the disease that has been slowly killing UCLA football on Monday. We are going to do that no matter what happens on Saturday, which goes back to what I said before: I could care less about this game.