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Center Court: Ben Ball (George Washington) Open Thread

As we go through what should be the last dreadful game week of Dorrellian football, we get to soak in a little Hump Day Ben Ball action to lift our collective spirits.

Kevin and Russell will be looking to bringing down the house tonight against George Washington University:

Photo credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Love should be set to go tonight. As well as AA2 with his new goggles. We just may see a little cameo by DC and Roll. If you don't feel caught up because of getting lost around all the excitement (!) around this Saturday, once again here is the game day roundup.

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link on the official site.

You know the drill. The BN center court is all yours. Fire away.