[Updated] Sob Story: KD Needs A 2nd Chance (After UCLA)

Lee Jenkins from CNNSI just posted a sob story on article Doofus.

If you have already forgotten Jenkins was Robert Kuwada's predecessor at the OC Register covering UCLA sports. Anyway Jenkins sob story basically concedes that Doofus is probably gone after Saturday, but he should get a second chance:

"It's all about this game," Dorrell said. "It all comes down to this game."

He was talking about his team, but he might as well have been talking about his tenure. Guerrero indicated weeks ago that he would evaluate Dorrell partly on how the Bruins finish. And how they finish is largely predicated on how they play against USC.

Odds are that UCLA will lose, Arizona will lose, and Dorrell will wind up in yet another sub-standard bowl game, his fifth in a row. That will make it easier for Guerrero to fire him, but no easier to watch. College football needs coaches who are young, principled and African-American. To dismiss one is a defeat for the sport.

This is not to say that Dorrell should stay at UCLA. But if Franchione and Callahan are able to land other jobs in the coming year, Dorrell deserves to land one, too.

Principled? I guess Jenkins hasn't really followed how the Doofus has treated OR or how he insulted the entire Bruin community by playing the race card.

I couldn't care less if the Doofus gets a second chance. May be he can coach at some place like San Diego State. But wait, I heard those guys rejected him too.

[Updated - bluestreet]:Holy crap. I totally missed this little detail from the same story:

"We could have brought in a big name for $2 Million," UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said at the time. "But there are no guarantees, so I went with my gut." Massive hat tip to for picking that up. So UCLA can pony up 2 million for a football coach. I think that's a brand new football game. Go Bruins!!!!

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