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The Suspense & Excitement Around Dorrellian Football

So apparently Olson suffered a little ‘setback’ at practice yesterday:

UCLA wanted to have its full contingent of quarterbacks go through a full practice for the first time since training camp, but that plan was pushed back a day when Ben Olson was pulled from team drills because of soreness in his left knee.

It meant Patrick Cowan, who took part in his first full practice since suffering a collapsed lung Nov. 3, took the reps with the first-team offense. Osaar Rasshan took the second-team reps.

"It was just sore," Olson said. "I'll be fine. They kind of held me out, shut me down."

Olson felt tightness during individual drills at the start of practice, so the coaching staff decided to keep him inactive for the rest of practice. He had his first game action since injuring his knee Oct.6 against Notre Dame when he started the second half of Saturday's win against Oregon.

"I knew (the soreness) was going to be the case given what he did this past weekend," Dorrell said. "We decided not to give him hardly any reps (Tuesday). He doesn't have any swelling. It's just sore."
Oooh the Doofus is sooo in control. Isn’t he? He is being so super sneaky that even Cowan has no clue what he is doing these days until he gets to the practice field:
"To be truthful, they didn't let me know what reps I would be getting," Cowan said. "I did all the work with the first team. That's what they needed me to do today, so that's what I did.

"I was a little winded, but it was a lot of fun being out there with the team."
Meanwhile, OR is not bothering hiding his disgust for the Doofus and MiniDoofus any more:
Rasshan said he was "shocked" to be pulled out of the Oregon game after halftime with UCLA leading, 6-0. It was his second start, coming two weeks after playing in a 24-20 loss to Arizona State.

"I felt we have been a second-half team for the most part," said Rasshan, who didn't complete a pass in seven attempts against the Ducks. "The offense has struggled a lot this year. . . . [Against] Arizona State, we started slow, then we put up a lot of numbers in the second half. So I was shocked to be pulled out [of the Oregon game].
Hmm. May be it is time for Streeter to line up an "interview" with OR so that he can come up with some riveting material for his next "column" in the LA Times (kidding of course).

Anyway, if your head is spinning with all these QB stories, no worries. Once again the Doofus is all over this and he has a plan! (from the Foster report):
Said Dorrell: "We're going to announce something soon what we're doing there [at quarterback]."

He has said the Bruins may use all three during the game Saturday.
Oh boy. Can you feel the excitement? I am sooooooo fired up!

Speaking of fired up, we have been getting lot of emails from the folks who are putting together "Blue and Gold week" to get all fired up about Saturday.

My reaction to those emails? Well to the guys who are sending those emails pleading us to post about it on BN (including links to cute little videos), please pass the following message up the totem poll in whatever Ackerman office you all are working out of these days: there will be no excitement around UCLA football, until the Doofus is gone. I personally am through with UCLA football. And I am not spending any energy getting fired up for a joke program coached by a total fraud, until he is gone from Westwood.

We are not going to turn this blog a Bruin version of Saddam’s Information Ministry, just for the sake of celebrating bunch of superficial events, which ignores the real issue, who has killed the joy out of UCLA football for last 5+ years.

Of course this doesn't mean we are not going to watch UCLA football. Oh we will watch it with amusement but with no emotional investment just like we went through the dreadful motion during Lavin's last games. But we are not going to pretend to be all excited, when there is nothing left in our heat to get excited about knowing full well our team is being led by a clown.

Then again what do we know? The Doofus has cooked up a super secret plan with his three quarterbacks. And we all know it will make a huge difference in the unstoppable Dorrellian offense depending on who is playing QB! The suspense is just killing me. Yay! Beat SC! Yay!