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Like Pavlov's Dog: Pom Pom Steps Up To Defend The Doofus

This was just a matter of time but still great news IMHO and it helps all of us in the Bruin Nation.

Pom Pom has joined the cult of Dorrell lovers, mounting a vigorous defense for the Doofus:

"I think he's done a fantastic job," Carroll said. "I think they have had the issues that can stagger a program with the quarterback situation that they have had, let alone other injuries that they have had."

Carroll ticked off the names of the teams across the nation that have lost their starting quarterbacks at times, including his own, and how they have all suffered.

"I think they have gone to a couple levels beyond where most teams go where you have to go to your backup quarterback," Carroll said. "To have to suffer through that back and forth, they found ways to win and created an opportunity to win when a lot of other teams wouldn't have. . . . He's found a way to keep his team together."

I asked, of course, just as you would, whether Carroll was praising Dorrell just to keep him around because it'd be the best thing for USC in the long run.

He said no, which is understandable after Dorrell's team cost the Trojans a chance to play for a national title last year.

"It's not a coach's fault guys get hurt," Carroll said. "It's almost too much to ask when things happen like that."

Carroll talked about the injury to John David Booty and how it affected the Stanford game, and the fact the Trojans had to take on Oregon with a backup quarterback.

"I think it's a fact [Dorrell] has been up against extraordinary odds," Carroll said, "and we understand what it's like."

Oh the suffering!!! Can you feel the healing from the Humanitarian?!

Can you see the Angels coming down to save the Doofus?!

And yes I did spit coffee all over my laptop when I read that a little while ago.

Thank you Pom Pom. That assist was almost as pretty as an outlet pass from number 42.


UPDATE: Just for the sake of old times here is a little flashback on other memorable crocodile tears:
Lute Olson, who has coached Arizona for 20 prosperous seasons, explained that Lavin is at a college where the tradition is so storied from Wooden's snaring 10 championships in 12 seasons in the 1960's and 70's that only a title is sufficient. Olson mentioned Andre Patterson's absence from an injured ankle and academic ineligibility, Evan Burns's departure to San Diego State and the loss of some early games as reasons the Bruins have fizzled.

''Steve is a quality guy,'' Olson said. ''That job is a next-to-impossible job. I don't know how many coaches they've had since Coach Wooden left, but the average tenure is about three years. So Steve has outlasted that.''
Poor poor Lute. Here is to a post on BN in coming years when we are going to be writing, "Poor Pom Pom," and shedding our tears over him. All we need is DG to fire the Doofus no matter what happens on Saturday and not listen to the clowns supporting an incompetent coach just like they did for the Cockroach during those dark years. GO BRUINS. -N