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The General Is Back: Postgame Thread

The return of #2 was a sight for sore eyes. In much the same way that the enormous presence of Love helps Mata-Real's game, the return of the General, Darren Collison, is going to help Russell Westbrook this season. That much was evident in this game, where they both found ways to score and run the offense.

George Washington stayed in the game on 3 point shooting early, but as the saying goes: Live by the 3, die by the 3, and when the shots starting going out, the rout was on.

The Bruins had 4 players, Love (11), Collison (14), Shipp (15), and Westbrook (19) in double figures tonight, which is indicative of the added dimension our offense gets with its All American point guard in the lineup. There were plenty of fireworks and dunks to go around (especially Westbrook's NASTY climb-up-your-back posterization). But in my opinion, the biggest fireworks of the night came from this:

Photo: Chris Carlson (AP)

I'm loving the Horace Grant/Kareem/Worthy goggle look.

Comments on Aboya's new eyewear? Postgame Thread it.