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[UPDATED] Chasing Signs

Tom Dienhart from posted this couple days ago:


Several sources have told me that Karl Dorrell will be coaching his last game in Westwood this weekend.
Simers yesterday followed up by giving us the gift of Pom Pom's kiss of death.

And then Lee Jenkins from (the former UCLA beat reporter for the OC Register) followed up with what read like an obituary of Dorrell's tenure at at UCLA.

Now here is the latest chaser from Tracy Pierson on Bruins Report Online (BRO). Again, I will only put up the screen shot of the thread of his post entitled, "Dorrell's status":

Obviously I can't post Tracy's post or any of the subsequent ones. But you can read the titles of the post and draw your own conclusions. I have been a subscription based member of BRO for a long enough time to know that Pierson will not just go out on a limb and stick his neck out. He has good info.

But it is way too early to breathe a sigh of relief. Our position remains the same, no matter what happens on Saturday, Dorrell needs to go. Guerrero needs to fire Dorrell even if he beats Southern Cal in what should be his last regular season game as the head coach of UCLA football.


UPDATE:Now Trev Alberts is flashing the same sign:

You all know what we think of Trev around here. But when he is sounding like it is all but over, the end may be near. Regardless we have to keep up the pressure. GO BRUINS. -N