Ben Ball Warrior Injury Update

Here's the good news, bad news from Dohn.  First, the good news:

Ben Howland said Darren Collison has a mild sprain of the left knee and is expected to be out for as little as five days to as much as two weeks. That was good news for UCLA.

What a relief, and welcome news for Darren.  But that was where the good news ended.

But there was bad news. Michael Roll ruptured the plantar fascia in his left foot in Saturday's practice and will be out for approximately three to five weeks, Howland said. Roll recieved an injection in the left foot six weeks to two months ago and has struggled with plantar fascia for the last 18 months.

Also, Josh Shipp injured the thumb on his shooting hand on Friday, although it was unknown at the time. He had some pain during Saturday's practice and stopped practicing. Howland has not ruled Shipp out for Monday's exhibition. Collison and Roll are definitely out for the exhibition.

I feel particularly bad for Roll, as I've been hearing that he has been making good progress and was looking forward to seeing him next week.

Of course, best wishes and a speedy recovery to Darren, Michael and Josh.


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