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Not A Bad Saturday ...

I don't know about you guys, but I am actually feeling pretty good.

First M has posted the injury news wrt to our Ben Ball warriors. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that DC has a mild sprain. Lets hope Roll fully heals up in few weeks and Shipp gets a little rest. We are going to be fine.

As for our football program we are getting the closer and closer. I hope someone will find some time to mail the second half highlights of Ossar and Moline to people like Peterson, Petrino, Spurrier et al. We have kids who can play:

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Wily Low (via ESPN)

Moline did all he could today. But the story of today was Osaar Rasshan. OR, who has been ignored all season not only exposed the Doofus as the worst college football coach in America, but perhaps the worst talent evaluator at any level of this game. Here is the box score if you care.

The way this Doofus (along with his overhyped, overrated, vanilla, just another Donahuesque bend-don't-break defensive coordinator) has gotten exposed this season, I wouldn't even recommend him to coach my high school back in Riverside, California.

Oh thank you Navy for making the Doofus's loss to Notre Dame even worse than Lavin's loss to CSUN.

So all in all not a bad Saturday.

It is what is in the world of Dorrellian football, which should only last for exactly one more month.