Firing Dorrell: Magic number down to 2

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

We're getting close Bruins Nation, but there is still work to do.

That's the way I see it anyway. But I am a pessimist by nature.

Many of you think it's already a done deal: Dorrell is toast. Win or lose the rest of the way, he is gone. Nothing can save him now. I agree that's the way it should be. If I were Dan Guerrero (and obviously I'm not), Dorrell would be watching the UCLA-ASU game from his own television. As a matter of fact, if I were Guerrero, Dorrell would be watching EVERY game this season from his own television.

It's almost inconceivable right now to even entertain the notion that the Bruins can still win the conference and go to the Rose bowl. It is laughable to state the fact that these Bruins still control their own destiny with three games to play. Beat Arizona St. at home, beat Oregon at home, and then beat Southern Cal 14 miles from home; that leaves everyone with at least 2 losses and UCLA wins the tiebreaker. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Like I said, I am a pessimist when it comes to sports. I consider the worst case scenario not only possible, but even sometimes probable. Keeping that in mind, I believe Dorrell still needs 2 more losses to clinch his firing. And one of those losses won't be coming next weekend.

That being said, if Dorrell wins 2 out of the last 3, I won't be feeling very comfortable on December 3rd waiting for the ax to fall on Dorrell. Like myself, I'm sure many of you are very skeptical leaving matters such as these up to our administration. As has been written here many times before: we are mediocre for a reason, and that reason starts at the very top. You almost get the feeling that our administration needs to be hit with a sledgehammer to finally wake up and do the right thing.

Two more losses and Dorrell is gone. I am confident of that. Of course, three more is icing on the cake. That's like 20 wins in college basketball: you know you're probably in, but win your conference tournament, and there's something fulfilling in knowing you're a LOCK. If firing Dorrell is getting into the Big Dance, then Guerrero and the UCLA administration are the NCAA selection committee, and Bruin fans are that 20+ win team from the Missouri Valley conference: we deserve to be in, but we want there to be no doubt in the minds of those who decide.

But we're not losing next weekend. Not going to happen. No way. Once beaten Arizona St., a tad bit overrated, a lot demoralized, comes to the Rose Bowl. It is so Dorrellian, so Lavinesque, isn't it? Home underdogs, coming off a couple of embarrassing defeats, against an opponenent JUST RIPE to be "Dorrelled".

You can just imagine the quotes in the news the following day: "We can still win the conference" ....."It's a three game season"...."Bring on the Ducks"...... "Dorrell saves his job,for now". And of course, a phrase that would be deserving of a kick in the teeth of any Bruin fan that uttered it: "We are bowl eligible"

Then the magic number is still 2, with two to play (I am not considering the bowl game; yes it's possible Dorrell survives the regular season but not a crappy bowl loss).

But there's no way we beat Oregon. I'm pretty confident of that, pretty much.

Then there's SUC. Magic number is one, one to play. Then there's the ultimate conflict that will rage through the hearts of Bruin fans: knowing a loss here means our misery is over, but a win may, just may, keep Dorrell around a little longer. But there's no way Dorrell wins THIS game, right? There's no way Dorrell coaches this team in 2008, RIGHT?

Remember, I am a pessimist.

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