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The Band's New Unis & Our State Of Mind

They have brand new uniforms. Check them out:

Photo credit:ep_killer262's photostream (flickr)

That was at last night's bonfire, which apparently wasn't all that exciting. Oh well.

I do dig the new uniforms and I think they are going to look very cool when they are at the Rose Bowl next season, cheering on the team under a brand new head coach.

You can also use this thread to plan where you are watching the game. I am not going to bother going to local alum gathering for this. But if you are anxious to find a Bruin gathering new you, here is the page you can go to and find out if your local alumni chapter is putting something together.

I am planning to be home, watch this game from my couch, relax and enjoy what should be the Doofus' last game as the head coach of UCLA football. Yeap I am starting to feel a little giddy about tomorrow being the last Dorrellian Saturday:

Yeap. The last Dorrellian gameday.

Oh I will be rooting the Bruins on, but my mind will be on the hoops game on Sunday and then hopefully a new beginning in football on Monday.