Pat Cowan is starting

Not that I could hear much at the Beat SC rally, but just before they set off the bonfire, the players gave a crack at pumping up the crowd. It was the smallest crowd I've seen in 4 years here, and the rally itself was awful--2 hours of skits and dances, the stage was inaudible from anywhere beyond 50 feet, and they took so long waiting to light the fire that many people left before they set it off.

In any case, from where I was I couldn't hear much, but I did hear Shannon Tevaga start a "Pat Cowan" cheer. And I saw PC talking into the mic with a smile on his face. So I'm going to go ahead and guess that this means he's starting. I just can't imagine starting a PC cheer in any other case. Guess you never know though.

I'm sure it's been announced somewhere by now.

With PC we get much the same thing that we get from the coach--big games against good teams, duds against duds. What I worry about though is his mobility, which is such a large part of his game. And if it rains, which it looks like it might, he'll be even more limited. It's not all that shocking to find out he'll be at the helm. I've got to imagine that the Trojans will be scrutinizing last year's film. And I'm going to guess that UCLA tries to run the exact same game plan--attack Booty, stop the run. I guess it will be a battle of adjustments. Yikes.

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