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Coaches Hot Seat Blog: 'UCLA should be a powerhouse football program'

I sure hope this will be the last football season during which I will be looking forward to every Sunday not to read about about our game report, but what the guys at Coaches Hot Seat Blog are saying about a Doofus leading my football program:

5.  Karl Dorrell vs. Arizona - People that have watched the Dorrell reign in Westwood closely have always wondered when the meltdown would happen, and you saw the beginning of the end for Dorrell on Saturday in Tucson.  The meltdown was inevitable, because the consistency and attention to detail that is needed to build a winning football program has never existed under Karl Dorrell at UCLA.  Anyone that has watched the Bruins practice in the Dorrell years, sees something much different that one would see across town under Peter Carroll, and that lack of focus at practice has led directly to the ups and downs of the past 5 years.  Perhaps Dorrell's lack of any experience in being a head coach before being hired at UCLA has played a factor in how he has chosen to run his program, but Chris Peterson, Bob Stoops, Bret Bielema, and dozens of other coaches moved from assistant to head coach without many problems.  With Arizona State, Oregon, and USC left on the schedule it seems a losing record is a certainty, and there is no way a guy in his 5th year at place like UCLA can, or should survive such a season.  UCLA is a very good school academically, they have a great campus, are located in a recruiting hotbed, play in a terrific stadium, and have name recognition across the country, and thus UCLA should be a powerhouse football program.  Under Dorrell, UCLA is barely better than average.

The Bottom Line - Dorrell's team looks to be chaos, and that is clearly on one person only, the head football coach.
Nail meet hammer.

In case you are wondering Coaches Hot Seat do not have their updated rankings posted yet. They should be coming out sometime tonight.

Keep refreshing this page to see when the rankings are posted tonight if you care. The Doofus shot up to number 2 last weekend!

Graphic Credit:Grok451

Given the Irish debacle this past weekend, I am going to predict the Doofus holds steady at number 2 for second straight week.

And you haters have the audacity to call our Sleeping Beauty's program inconsistent?