The Fish Stinks from the Head Down

This is on DG -- Not KD

And, the head of the fish is DG.

There is no excuse for not firing KD NOW. Or, announcing that he is gone as of the end of this season.

I hear lots of excuses for why DG hasn't acted -- but there's one that really troubles me: He hasn't made up his mind to pull the trigger -- he's giving KD more chances.

After all, we can still win the Pac 10. (The fact that we have lost to the worst teams in the Pac 10 -- and in fact to the worst teams in the country, doesn't seem to faze him. Does he really think we will win out? And, if we do, how does he explain losing to all of the weak teams on the schedule? -- Ah, but all of this is so obvious to all of us who have been saying it since the nut bowl.)

If he really needs to see more before making a decision, he's not just drinking the Karl Aid, he's mixing it.

People blame KD for sucking the fun out of UCLA football.

Yes, KD sucks  -- Duh, surprise?

KD is not in charge of the football program, DG is. Plain and simple, this pile of shit is on his doorstep, not KD's. DG has to clean it up. KD won't; we cannot really expect him to walk away.

DG's treatment of KD is, sadly, analagous to KD's treatment of our QB's. KD leaves the QB's on the field behind a non-existent O line. Predictably, they get beat up.

DG leaves KD on the field to take hit after hit -- so many hits that he's punch drunk.

I cannot get over the haunting picture of KD from last week's press conference. In his eyes it is clear he has had enough.

Yet, DG leaves him out there to suffer loss after loss.

This isn't just bad for UCLA football, it's bad for KD and his future. He may never get another coaching job. Every game exposes his ineptitude.

He is so much like our QB's. We cringe when they step on the field for fear they will suffer the career ending blow.

Every time KD steps on the field, he suffers similar blows.

KD does not have the skill to devise a scheme to protedt our QB's. I am sure he would if he could.

But, DG does have the power to protect UCLA football, and KD.

He can fire him, now.

Or, he can announce that KD is not coming back next year -- no matter what the team does in its last games.

If the team likes KD, it will play hard to send him out a winner and prove all the doubters wrong. It will rally to protect KD's future.

If the team has fallen so low under KD it cannot rally with him at the helm, we may see new energy and better play.

ACTING NOW has many benefits.

The recruits will know we are serious about football. (Fox and I have been calling for the firing of KD since the nut bowl. We renewed after Utah. Some argued we would lose our recruits. We disagreed. I think the empirical evidence supports our contention -- our recruiting class is more at risk under KD than it would be without him.)

If DG acts NOW, all the agents for all of the potential coaches will put us in the equation.

I cannot see any reason DG won't do this -- unless he hasn't made up his mind yet. And, if he hasn't we are in deep shit and ought to replace him, too.

Maybe we can get a package deal -- the Boise State AD and football coach. To get rid of the stench, we may need to throw out the entire fish, head and all.


PS. I just cannot explain all the deference given DG around here. It's almost like people are afraid to go after him for fear that he will retaliate by moving into KD's corner. Guess what? He is in that corner. What has been gained by giving him a free pass? What has been gained by saying "DG we're watching you and if the day after sc KD isn't gone, we won't like you, too"?

Sorry, my brothers and sisters who can want to wait -- I respect you -- but not focusing a strong light on DG is enabling him to continue this nonsense unchallenged. In fact, I think it's easier to find a good AD than a good coach. If DG doesn't act, soon, I'm ready for both.

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