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Ben Ball Open [Exhibition] Game Thread: Chico State

Let's take our mind off football for a bit and take in some Ben Ball action. One more exhibition game to go till the countdown clock strikes zero on Friday. Shipp, Roll, and DC are out of the lineup tonight, and Coach Howland will have to make do with 7 scholarship players against Chico State.

All that said it will still be a treat for those inside Pauley to see our warriors tune up and get ready:

Photo credit: OCBruin95

It should be very interesting to see how kids like Dragovic and Stanback perform in the extended mins. We might even get to see a decent chunk of time from Mustafa Abdul Hamid too.

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link in the official site. Again I think you have to pay up $9.99 to watch the game online. As usual if you are tracking this game online, this is the place to hang out, chit chat, and celebrate Ben Ball.

And as I mentioned in the last thread, if you are at the game please make sure to come back share your thoughts and impressions (and pictures! if you take any) with rest of BN. That said, the BN court is all yours.