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No Doubt In Westwood

According to the traditional beat reporters such as Chris Foster in the Trojan Times there is still some "debate" about Karl Dorrell’s "future" at UCLA. But for those of us who have been following every move of the worst college football coach in America for last 4+ years, there is no doubt what should happen to the Doofus by December 3rd.

And it looks the good folks over Coaches Hot Seat Blog agree with us pushing the Doofus up to Number 1 in the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings for the week:

1. Karl Dorrell - Utah, Notre Dame, Washington State, and now Arizona. The 4 teams that a very talented UCLA team have lost to, and 4 of the reasons that Karl Dorrell is on his last legs in Westwood. Hiring Karl Dorrell in the first place over Mike Riley was a stretch, and we seem to recall that Dan Guerrero and the UCLA Chancellor were "dazzled" by Dorrell in his interview 5 years ago. The fact that Dorrell wore a $1,000 suit to one of their get togethers probably sealed the deal for the Chancellor, because the Chancellor was imagining showing off his good-looking young coach at westside LA cocktail parties, not his football program winning football games. Unfortunately, the entire Dorrell saga has been about things that have little to do with winning football games, and now UCLA faces a very clear fork in the road where they can either get serious about their football program, or they can go out and hire another coach on the cheap. Ben Howland, the very good basketball coach at UCLA, recently signed a new contract that will pay him around $2 million dollars a year, and if the Bruins are serious about fielding a winning football team they will have to pony up the same amount, if not more for a new football coach. Los Angeles, especially the westside of LA is a very expensive place to live and there is no reason a school as large as UCLA should be paying their head football coach poverty wages. We are exaggerating of course, but there is some truth to the point that UCLA must get it's wealthy alumni together and raise the necessary money to bring a big time football coach to Westwood. If they don't get it right this time, then UCLA football will drift off into never-never land and will not be seen or heard from again for a long time to come.
One quip re the note. It was the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor (Peter Blackmun) who were dazzled by the suit, not Dan Guerrero. DG by all accounted wanted Riley (out of the pathetic list of three finalists that Bob Field assembled for him). Otherwise, the note is fairly on the money. Looks like those guys are reading BN on a daily basis.

As for news from Spaulding Field is concerned Dorrell continues to sound like a Doofus, offering his "thought process" on OR:
With Patrick Cowan out due to a concussion and a collapsed lung, and with Ben Olson's left knee still not healed, UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said sophomore Osaar Rasshan will start Saturday when No. 9 Arizona State visits the Rose Bowl.

Dorrell added he didn't believe the game plan needed to be pared because of Rasshan's inexperience, or because Rasshan spent training camp and the first six weeks of the season playing receiver.

Rasshan was forced into action in Saturday's 34-27 loss at Arizona after Cowan was injured. He was 3 of 10 passing for 78 yards in his quarterbacking debut, but had success moving UCLA's offense, partly because he ran for 57 yards on eight carries.

"He proved to me that he could handle much more than probably we anticipated," Dorrell said. "He's gotten better and better the last few weeks that he's been practicing and playing quarterback. He's digested more and more information, and now he's at a point where he's going to be the guy starting in this particular game. He'll get a chance to digest much more information because he'll get a lot more repetitions (in practice)."
So the Doofus has had OR in his program for 2+ years and yet couldn’t have "anticipated" how the mobility of his athletic freak of a QB could have perhaps energized his boring, listless, joke of an offense?

As we have said many times before this Doofus is either ignorant or just a stubborn a**hole who had no qualms about ignoring talent and career of his players, just so he could stay wedded to his joke of an offensive scheme.

Just one more example why there is should be no doubt in Westwood as to what should happen to the Clown when the regular season is over on December 1st.