TJ Simers of the LA Times has gone soft,1,4776107.column?coll=la-headlines-sports

Click on the above link for the TJ Simers' piece on the fate of Dorrell. Here's a guy who's picked on KD for years now, and just as the clock is about to run out, he makes an argument that Dorrell should probably stay due to the numerous injuries this year, due to his 'steadiness'... his demeanor, etc.

While no one is denying the rash of injuries this season (after all, we've had FOUR qb's play in the nine games thus far), the 'Dorrell Factor' has been, just that, a factor, a glaring defect for almost five years now...

Enough of the arguments, the second-guessing, the what-if scenarios! It's done! While a nice guy, Dorrell didn't get the job done.

The program needs new life, new blood, a new dawn. Five years is plenty of time to do something. Clearly the 2005 season was 'aberrant', the exception in every way... We've played .500 ball otherwise. If this were FSU, Miami, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, or even LSU, Dorrell would have been fired after year # 3, plain and simple.

The time has come. Heads should roll...

Go Bruins!

(and by the way, even if we win out, the Pac-10, the Rose Bowl, SC, etc. KD should still be in the hotseat... losing to Utah, a winless ND team, Wazzu and 'zona - all inexcusable, esp. for team that was expected to contend this year. End it now!

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