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Tuesday Football News & Notes

Not much going around in the football program except for the continued death watch of the worst coach of college football. For his part, the Doofus is doing what he knows best. Blaming everyone else – players and penalties – for another bad loss of his sorry football program. Here is Dohn on Dorrell’s excuses for his defensive backfield:

"We're getting beat versus man coverage," Dorrell said. "That's really the easiest and simplest way to explain it."

But Dorrell said the penalties at Wazzu may have played a factor.

"Maybe (the defensive backs were) just a little hesitant about making a great play because of what happened the week prior," Dorrell said. "Those are things you have to coach your secondary players to keep their aggressiveness, even though we're making some mistakes, and some technique mistakes that are causing and drawing some penalties."
Note it is always the mistakes of players. Of course it never has anything to do with what techniques he and his clowns are teaching (or not teaching) at Spaulding Field.

Meanwhile, Dorrell is keeping Osaar away from the press:
Rasshan waited two years to play quarterback at UCLA, then had the offense handed to him last Saturday. His thoughts about his upcoming start went unanswered Monday as UCLA officials refused to allow him to talk with the media despite several interview requests.

That’s just really odd. I thought UCLA was keeping only injured players away from press. As far I know I didn’t hear any injuries suffered by OR? So why is he being kept away from the media? Is Doofus afraid that perhaps he will slip and say something like he never really has had any trouble adjusting to the Doofus’ joke offensive scheme or he has never been able to figure out why he was buried so deep in the depth chart behind a superstar like the Law Firm. It can only lead to so many speculations.
What’s not odd for us at this point is to hear the gibberish from the Doofus (from the LAT story linked above):
"Our players want to win regardless what's being said about my status," Dorrell said. "We can't control any of those things that are being said. The only thing we can do is play better football and get ourselves a victory.

"What's being said, I can't do anything about that except to coach hard, and our staff to continue to coach hard and build on our improvement to get ourselves back in the win column."
Can someone here explain to me how does one coach "hard"? By coaching "hard" does the Doofus mean he runs around a little faster at Spaulding Field? By coaching "hard" does he mean he himself lift a little extra at Acosta with rest of his players? By coaching "hard" does he mean he expands his rolodex (or make more friends on facebook) to ensure he remembers birthdays of pencil pushers not just in Morgan Center but in other offices around UCLA? Seriously, how does someone coach "harder"? I understand if someone says he is coaching "smarter" or "better," but "harder"? Seriously WTF?

Can someone please explain to me how one can coach "harder"?