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Your Coaching Candidate: Special BN Open Thread

So many of you have already taken note of the poll running on the BN home page.

I am going to try this for next few weeks until we get more tangible information on candidates for our coaching job. Right now we have 10 options for you to vote on your choice for the next head coach of UCLA football. At this snap of shot of time the guy who coaches the offense in this high light package seems to be leading the pack:

NCAA Football Highlights on

Again can you imagine a UCLA team doing all that at the Rose Bowl on Saturdays?

Anyway, if your choice is not up there, then please make your case for who should be in that list. And we will replace the last one or two vote getters with the choices you think should be in that poll, and run another poll next week. We will see if we can keep this going and come up with our consensus top-5/7 choices from BN.

So consider this a new weekly feature on BN. This is your thread to pimp your favorite coaching candidate, who you think should be in that poll for next week, and make persuasive arguments to back up all the pimping. And before you recommend any particular candidates make sure to read some insights on what we are looking for our next coach here, here, and here

Hey, I'd be more interested in reading your thoughts on this topic then read the BS coming out of the mouths of CTS and his clown coaching staff about how they are preparing for their meaningless games on Saturdays.

Fire away.