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Humpday Football News & Notes

A light news day from the practice field. Chris Foster reports how players are nursing their injuries:

Carter was hit by teammate Kyle Bosworth and rolled on the ground grasping his right knee, on which he had arthroscopic surgery four weeks ago. He recovered and finished practice, but it was another reminder how fragile the Bruins are at this point.

"[Doctors] told me if I wanted to be completely healthy, then I should have sat down for three weeks," Carter said. "I got to wait for the season to be over and slowly let it heal."

Other Bruins are in the same situation.

Harwell, who injured his knee against Brigham Young two months ago, has been trying to get ready, but said, "to tell you the truth, I don't know what is realistic right now. I'm just trying to get back healthy."
I honestly don’t see why these kids should rush back to play for losers like Dorrell or Walker. Why risk their careers playing for coaches who do not deserve to be here next here? If I were Harwell’s parents, I’d strongly consider advising the kid to take a medical red shirt, and come back strong under a new coaching staff next season.

Meanwhile, all the injuries … er … I mean the ineptness of our offensive live … has led to Rasshan starting this weekend. Interesting article in the Daily News on what to expect from OR this weekend:
Rasshan is not a prototypical West Coast-offense quarterback.

He often is an erratic passer. Even in high school he completed only 46.5 percent of 200 passes as a senior for a 4-6 Garey team. In the Arizona game, he just plain missed some open receivers while going 3 for 10 for 78 yards.

But Rasshan embodies the sort of athleticism the Bruins haven't had at QB since Cade McNown, and if your QB options are all inexperienced, why not go with the guy who can escape a collapsing pocket?

Rasshan scrambled for 57yards on eight carries at Arizona, keeping drives alive with open-field improvisation.

Brian Abraham, a senior tackle, expressed confidence in Rasshan.

"He brings enormous energy to the huddle," Abraham said. "I think we're actually all pumped up that he's going to be playing Saturday."

Dorrell said the offense will be simplified for Rasshan, who has had just two practices as the No. 1 quarterback.

"It shrinks down," Dorrell said of the playbook. "You can't give him as much information as if you had an experienced player there."
I shudder to think what a "simplified" CTS coached offense will look like. Hopefully it means OR completely ignoring the Doofus and Mini Doofus (Norvell), and do what he did last weekend at Arizona. He needs to keep improvising and go with his instincts, instead of listening to his idiot head coach.

At this point Osaar starting and potentially improvising with his athletic ability, is the only thing that is keeping us interested. Lets hope CTS doesn’t kill that fun on Saturday. He has killed everything else.