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The 'Show Me' Season: Arizona State Open Thread

Here we go again. Once again another game in which our Sleeping Beauty will have his back against the wall, yadi, yada, yada. We take on an another team we have kind of owned in recent years (at least the Rose Bowl). So I am expecting a victory!

We have been a little hard on Bruce Davis last few days. So here is our way of honoring number 44, one of the better defensive ends to put on the prettiest uniform in college football:

Photo Credit: Grok451's photostream (flickr)

Just like another Davis, we heart in BN, we hope this Davis post a W despite playing `without a coach'. Plus he said in the papers today, "everything is where it was two weeks ago."

Kickoff is at 12:30 PST (on ABC). If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to track the game.

Never mind me. I am mostly offline today at a wedding somewhere in Southern California. I told Mrs. N, I will not try to hover too much around and shamelessly get the bartenders to put on our game or just hit refresh on my BB every 10 mins for updates.

So here is to a fun and enjoyable Dorrellian victory that will mean nothing. The thread is all yours.

Fire away.