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Thursday News & Notes: The Violin Edition

Well it looks like Brian Dohn is going to serve as the excuse vehicle for the Doofus and all his pimps and minions for rest of the season.

Once again Typhoid Terry is out there playing the violin for his doofus protégé. This time he is rolling out the injury excuse:

It is Dorrell's most disappointing of his five seasons at the helm, and, by far, the most frustrating aspect is the inordinate number of injuries to key players.

The Bruins will use their fourth quarterback Saturday against No. 9 Arizona State at the Rose Bowl. Also, their top five running backs have missed time with injuries, two of their leading receivers are likely out for the season and four of their top eight defensive linemen missed significant time, all due to injuries.

"I think (the injuries) have had a huge affect on the team's ability to function, and to win," former UCLA coach Terry Donahue said. "You cannot absorb the injuries that UCLA has had to absorb and expect to maintain your team's consistency, or your team's ability level. No team is that deep.

"When you lose the quality of players that UCLA has lost, particularly in the positions UCLA has been hit hardest at, it's going to always have a very telling toll. And, certainly, it's happened to them."
Well, let’s take the first point Typhoid Terry makes. Interestingly Wayne Cook, Donahue’s former QB makes the key point later in the article making the whole injury excuse for not being able to function moot:
"Even before the injuries, they still weren't clicking," said Cook, who is the sideline reporter for UCLA's radio broadcasts. "The offense still hadn't found a rhythm. Then, it gets hard to get into one when you start having all the injuries."
Thanks Wayne. That’s pretty much it. Isn’t it? Under the Doofus and his Mini Doofus, this team’s offense was going nowhere even before the QBs started going down behind their joke offensive line (and I have linked about Bob Connelly enough at this point that I won’t bother any more).

Anyway, Typhoid Terry is a shameless joker. So he didn’t stop. He went on:
"I don't think there is any team in the country that can win (consistently) with their third and fourth quarterbacks," Donahue said. "There may be one, but I think it's very unlikely, unless you really misevaluated your talent at the quarterback position. If you have a third or fourth quarterback that can come in and take your team to wins, week in and week out, than that player shouldn't be third or fourth string."
Of course Terry didn’t mention exactly how the Bruins ended up with their 3rd and 4th QBs. Terry also didn’t mention how his little Doofus totally misevaluated the talent he had at QB, by not having OR prepared for the Notre Dame game, and instead trying to win it with a walkon caliber talent.

I am not going to waste any more time on Typhoid Terry. I will let Bruin Blue handle him later today. We have post from Bruin Blue on the Donahue Curse all cued up, which you don’t want to miss.

Moving on, there is a game this Saturday, which I really have no interested in. But since there are some notes on it, might as well mention it. Painter on how the D is gearing up to put pressure on Carpenter:
UCLA knows the pass rush has been successful against No. 9 Arizona State. After all, quarterback Rudy Carpenter (Westlake High) has been sacked 37 times.

"We definitely need to get to (Carpenter) if we're going to win this game," defensive end Bruce Davis said. "He's their leader. He is to their team what I am to my team. He's got heart. He's got fire. The key to winning is getting after him and putting him on the ground.

"He and I have been known to go back and forth at each other. We get into some serious trash talking. It's great because he's a competitor. He makes the game more fun for everybody on the football field.

"On our defense, we love the challenge and we're all competitors. He gives us the opportunity to compete against one of the best in the conference."
Also, from the same article, Chane Moline is going to get the start at tailback. Chane is a great talent, who every other team in the Pac-10 would love to have. The fact that a talent like Moline is 3rd in UCLA’s tailback depth chart and ready to step up, makes all the violin playing by Donahue look even more stupid.

Lastly, Foster from the LAT writes about Markey’s disappointing season to date, who had this to say on rest of the season:
"This is my senior year, I don't have another year to come back and fix things," Markey said. "I want to go out with a bang. We can still be Pac-10 champions. I can't ask for anything more."
Yeah, that would be a note for Markey and the Doofus to go out of Westwood. I hope Markey and all other violin players around Westwood know we want the Doofus gone even if he wins the Pac-10 championship. We are ready for a different tune no matter what happens rest of this season.