New Housegate evidence from Yahoo! investigation

Surprised that I haven't seen anything about this on BN yet this morning, but it is something that needs to be looked at. The boys over at Yahoo, who have absolutely been on top of the shady situation involving Bush and his agent friends and done a fantastic job with it (something we couldn't count on the SC Times to do), come with some new information this morning -- and characterizing it as explosive would be a gross understatement.

Click here for the full Yahoo story

The relevant/damning parts include:

Audio recordings that allegedly establish an improper financial relationship between former USC running back Reggie Bush and a would-be sports marketing agent were played for NCAA investigators this week, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Audio recordings? Those are going to be very difficult for Mr. House to defend, especially if his voice is all over them. Wonder how Petey is gonna try to spin this one? Yahoo! Sports also has learned that the NCAA requested and has been given phone records of USC officials, including coaches, as part of the investigation. Could this go further up the chain? We can only hope. I think it would definitely be par for the course, given SC's history of shenanigans with their football program.

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