Who should backup OR?

As you know, OR will be our starter on Saturday.  While I have horribly mixed feelings about which team I would like to see win (not the focus of this diary, please), I am very excited about attending the game and watching OR in person.

Now, it took Dorrell a while to learn this, but every player is one hit away from being knocked out of the game.  This truth holds special value for anyone brave enough to risk his health playing QB for UCLA this year behind this O-line.  This means that a well-prepared coaching staff (one which is "coaching hard," presumably), will have a game plan ready in the event that a replacement for an injured starter is called to step in and play.

This is from Kevin Pearson's blog over at the  Press Enterprise:

"UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell said it was uncertain who would be the No. 2 behind Osaar Rasshan on Saturday. McLeod Bethel-Thompson is more experienced but Chris Forcier, a true freshman, has been taking second-team reps.

"We're going to slash those two guys," Dorrell said. "It could be either one of those two. We'll make a determination at some point."

Dorrell said he was not concerned about burning Forcier's redshirt if the situation arose."

The emphasis is mine.

With three games remaining, I would hate to see Forcier's redshirt burned.  On the other hand, if Forcier is "better" than MBT, and we do still have a chance to win the Pac-10, is it fair for Dorrell to use Forcier, if necessary?  And, if he is serious about burning the redshirt, wouldn't it have been better to have burnt it earlier this year and given Forcier some playing time?  Remember, BO and PC are absolutely not available tomorrow.

I'm really torn on this one.

Open question(s), gang.

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