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End Of The Clown Show

It is over.

Time to break out our party hats:

There is not much to analyze here. The score wasn't as bad as it could be because the TrOJie offense was sloppy. It could have been much uglier than it was.

Now it is on to the coaching search, which should not include the DyNoMite DeWayne or any one associated with the cult of Donahue.

We have no interest in a self-promoting also-ran coordinator, who has never had any head coaching experience in his life, and whose defense can only match up against predictable Os. Not to mention his D plays without discipline and out of control.

So no a DeWayne Walker will not be acceptable answer at UCLA. He also needs to clean his locker out. Actually every clown coach associated with Dorrell needs to clean out his locker.

We need a clean break from last 5 years.

Party on Karl. Party on Jay. Party on DeWayne.

I am sure you guys can get ready for your future gigs at some golf course near you.

For the rest of us we are done with the clown show.

Thread it up in what should be our first post-Dorrellian football thread.

Yeah baby.